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Aussie Green Thumb Welcomes Aussiegardening.com.au to Its Growing Family

Aussie Green Thumb Welcomes Aussiegardening.com.au to Its Growing Family

[Sydney, NSW, 08/08/2023] – In an exciting development for the Australian gardening community, Aussie Green Thumb is proud to announce its recent acquisition of Aussiegardening.com.au, a beloved resource for gardening enthusiasts across the nation. Completed in August 2023, this acquisition signifies a pivotal moment in Aussie Green Thumb's mission to cultivate a more connected and informed network of gardeners in Australia.

Aussie Green Thumb's acquisition of Aussiegardening.com.au is a reflection of our deep-rooted commitment to enriching the Australian gardening landscape. By bringing Aussiegardening.com.au into our fold, we aim to foster a more vibrant and knowledgeable gardening community, equipped with the resources and support they need to thrive.

"With the integration of Aussiegardening.com.au, we're setting a new standard for gardening excellence in Australia," said Maisie Blevins, of Aussie Green Thumb. "This is a celebration of shared values and our collective vision to enhance the gardening experience for Australians everywhere. Aussiegardening.com.au has been a cornerstone of the gardening community, and we are thrilled to continue building on its legacy together."

Aussiegardening.com.au has long been a trusted source for expert gardening advice on bush tucker, innovative ideas, battery lawn tools such as electric lawn mowers and whipper snippers and a supportive community platform. This acquisition not only expands Aussie Green Thumb's reach but also enriches our content with a wider array of gardening perspectives and solutions tailored to the Australian environment.

The merger is expected to introduce a series of collaborative projects and initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable gardening practices, biodiversity, and environmental stewardship among Australian households and communities.

We invite our members, readers, and the broader gardening community to join us in this exciting new chapter as we work towards a greener, more connected Australia. Keep an eye on our platforms for upcoming announcements, collaborations, and enhancements to your gardening journey.

Last Updated on February 2, 2024

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