Benefits Of Having A Backyard Garden Pond

Spice Up Your Life With Backyard Garden Ponds

There are multiple benefits to having a backyard garden pond, ranging from environmental aspects to impacting positively on your physical and mental health. 

There’s a pond to suit every style and size of property – you might require a small and easy to maintain water feature, dream of a huge expanse of water boasting a myriad of wildlife – or anything else in between.

Whatever size, shape or form a pond might take, the following are some of the many advantages of having a delightful watery nirvana right in your own backyard…


Benefits Of Having An Backyard Garden Pond

Environmental Benefits

Why have a backyard garden pond?

A backyard garden pond impacts the environment in many ways. In fact, adding an expanse of water (of any size) to your outdoor space is one the greatest things you can do for the planet we call home...

  1. Provides a safe haven for wildlife: As we experience more and more urbanisation the natural habitat for many species is being reduced dramatically.

    Installing a pond in your garden helps address this, and will soon become a relied upon resource for a plethora of wildlife.

    Birds will drink and preen, insects will thrive, amphibians will make it their home, mammals will discover a welcoming watering hole…

    Ponds attract so much life, thanks to offering life-giving water, food, a sheltered breeding ground, bathing spots and more – not to mention providing you with a wonderful location in which to observe Mother Nature at her finest.
  1. Provides a healthy ecosystem: The moisture from a pond will leech into the surrounding soil, providing water to nearby plants and grasses.

    In general, established ponds don’t need to be filled up with water (although this might not be wholly accurate during a hot Aussie summer), as rainfall will naturally filter through and keep levels high.

    This allows the water to naturally stabilise into its own self-sustaining ecosystem, benefiting the wildlife who make it their home and the plant life that surrounds it.
  1. Reduces environmental pollutants: It does this by taking up an area of yard that would otherwise probably be covered in lawn. This negates the need for mowing and caring for an area of grass.

    This, in turn, decreases pollutants expelled by a lawnmower (in the case of petrol models), reduces the use of electricity (if you have a corded mower) and removes the need to use pesticides and fertilisers for said lawn.

    The use of these, while making for a bowling green-esque area of grass, has the disadvantage of creating toxic runoff from rainwater that then ends up in the water supply.In addition, a pond creates sludge that’s then trapped in the filter.

    This is a great natural fertilizer that can be used on other areas of the garden environment.
  1. Creates a location conducive to native plants: The area around your pond can be planted with native plant life. This provides the most natural environment for the local wildlife that’s attracted to the water.

    This is vital, especially in suburban areas, as more and more natural habitats are destroyed to make way for houses, roads and industrial areas.

Aesthetic Benefits

Outdoor Pond Health Benefits

No-one can deny that ponds are great to look at! Not only do they provide visual benefits, but those that are auditory too.

  1. Adds a great focal point: From watching the ripples on the water to spotting fish as they dart beneath the surface, ponds, quite simply, look wonderful.

    You might want to consider adding features, such as waterfalls, rock borders or statues, and plants.

    Lilies and reeds not only make a pond even more visually appealing, but the wildlife will appreciate the shade and shelter they provide.
  1. Create your own private Zen zone: The sound of water is unmistakable – simply close your eyes and enjoy the hypnotic babble created as the water filters or spills over a water feature.

    It’s like having your own private therapy session (and it’s cheaper) – the calming effects of the sound of water are nothing short of amazing.

    You can also use this to drown out other noise. This might be traffic, noisy neighbours or something else, but it can be pretty effective.

    A pond helps create white noise (think a fountain or waterfall) that masks other sounds.

    It’s even more effective if you build a backdrop that reflects the echo of the water in the direction of the source of the unwanted noise.

Health Benefits

garden pond provides a safe haven for wildlife

Anything that has a positive effect on health has to be a good thing, right? So let’s talk about how a simple backyard pond can have far reaching benefits – particularly for your mental health.

  1. It provides sanctuary: In our 24/7 world – and especially for the ever-increasing number of people who carry out some element of their job from home – having a calming place of sanctuary isn’t just nice to have, it’s an absolute necessity.

    We talked about the calming effects of water above, and a pond creates an area where you can sit and escape the frenetic buzz of the world at large.
  1. Reduces stress and anxiety: Water releases negative ions into the air that surrounds it.

    These are believed to help the uptake of serotonin within the brain, an important function of human physiology that significantly helps us cope with and reduce stress and anxiety.  

    The negative ions also help purify the air, combat allergens and germs, which in turn has a positive effect on the overall health of the body.
  1. Improves physical health: While ponds are relatively simple to keep in good health, they do require some element of physical effort to look after.

    Tending plants, feeding fish, cleaning the filters, weeding etc all promote the activity necessary to remain in good shape.

Educational Benefits

Outdoor Pond Educational Benefits

Kids and adults alike can learn much from having a pond – and it’s good fun too. 

  1. Discover more about the natural world: Watching the wildlife as it thrives in and around a pond creates a real connection between humans and nature.

    It’s one thing to read about our relationship with the natural world – but quite another thing to watch it playing out in front of your eyes.

    The whole aspect of planning, building and tending a pond increases awareness of how ecosystems work.

    In turn, this intensifies awareness of our place within the environment and the impact our actions have upon it.
  1. Increases our environmental responsibilities: Watching our own little piece of nature is likely to stimulate a more intense desire to be environmentally responsible in other areas.

    Children benefit from growing up with this ethos, helping to instill a mindset that creates a better future for our planet.

Financial Benefits

You might not think that having a pond brings with it any financial benefits, but you’d be wrong…

  1. Reduces energy needs: Air is naturally cooler around water, and in the hot Aussie climate this means that you’ll have a more pleasant environment in which to sit when the mercury climbs.

    This in turn can lead to being outside more, and the resulting less use of air conditioning and fans in the house, therefore lowering your energy consumption.
  1. Conserves water: Because the area around a pond is naturally watered, there’s less need to use additional H2O to water plants and lawns.

    Clever positioning of drain pipes can direct water runoff into the pond itself, so providing a natural reservoir (and reducing the need to top up a pond in the dry season).

    You can also use water from the pond for other plants in the backyard.
  1. Can add value to your property: Ponds are highly prized, and while having one in the yard might not add dollars to the price tag, it can definitely add to the wow factor.

    And that is exactly what you need to increase the desirability of a property. Sure, you might not be thinking of selling right now.

    But in the future? Well, who knows…?

Finishing Up Having A Backyard Garden Pond

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a backyard garden pond. Before deciding to have one, make sure to know what to consider before putting a backyard garden pond

The key to the highest level of enjoyment is to take good advice, purchase good quality elements and to look after it in the correct manner.

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