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Daleys Nursery Kyogle | Fruit Tree Nursery

In my most recent newsletter I covered one such article, how to level your uneven grassed area. However the overwhelming response seemed to be asking for hints and tips on growing fruit trees.

As such over the next few months I will have a few articles on growing fruit trees here and there but to kick it off I thought I would ask Daleys Nursery to share a little about what they do with fruit trees. 

In case you didn’t know it, Daley’s Nursery is renowned around Australia as one of THE BEST Fruit Tree nurseries there is so I am sure this information will be beneficial to many of you, my readers.


Daleys Fruit Nursery Contact Details

36 Daley's Lane, Geneva
via Kyogle NSW 2474
Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9am to 4pm 
(Closed Public Holidays and Christmas to New Year)
Email: order@daleysfruit.com.au

Daleys Nursery Kyogle

About Daleys Nursery Kyogle 

Daley’s Nursery specialises in subtropical fruit and nuts and has a mail order service that enables us to ship fruit trees across most of Australia, though unfortunately at this stage quarantine prevents us from sending as far a field as Tasmania and the Northern Territory. 

However, as our market expands to encompass most of Australia  we have also expanded our product range to include more cold climate and a wide range of tropical and unusual fruiting plants that we are able to propagate and grow in Kyogle, Northern NSW.  

We sell everything from Abiu to Yacons, a wide range of native bush foods as well as the better known fruit trees such as lilly pillies, peaches, nectarines, apples, mulberries and pecans.

A part of what we are aiming to achieve here at Daley’s Nursery is to set up communication space where passionate, knowledgeable or eager amateurs can exchange information about what they are growing and how they are growing it or what problems and questions arise from backyard orchards around the country. 

This includes all the trials and tribulations of growing produce in Australian backyards as well as the successes and bumper harvests from across the nation.

To achieve this we firstly we set up a forum which is a public space where anyone can ask and answer questions as well as upload pictures. Our forum has been designed for both ease of use and to encourage interest in fruit growing.  

It has proved to be an interesting space and we have some very passionate and informed people who regularly participate in the Daleys nursery online forum.

We then expanded our ideas further and developed My Edibles; this is an information sharing section on our web site. My Edibles allows individuals to upload information and pictures about their orchard.

Each tree or productive edible plant in anyone’s orchard can be uploaded onto My Edible’s with the data on when it was planted, how it is grown, fertilized, pest control, harvest and yields.  

It also allows anyone to search for orchards or trees in any area to see what other people are having success or challenges with and how individuals achieve the results that they do.  

Every backyard will present different challenges to the grower such as sunlight, rainfall and soil type as the more obvious essentials, to hungry native visitors, birds, bats and possums, not to mention the beastly world of bad bugs and the beneficial bugs that follow and feed on them.

If you have a fruit tree in your back yard and have not already had a look at our web site, log on and check us out, I am sure you will find something new to inspire you to get out into your own backyard to dig and prune and get growing your own home grown produce, nothing taste better.

Sharing Fruit Growing Knowledge by Kath Kermode

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