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Fiskars Loppers | Product Review

This is the last of the three FISKAR tools that I have to review. If you missed the others, I reviewed the FISKAR PowerGearTM Hedge Shears and the FISKAR PowerGearTM Medium Pruner.


Fiskars Loppers

FISKARS PowerGearTM Lopper

My first impressions of the Lopper were that I had finally found a pair of loppers I could rely on and the more I tested this tool, the more I felt this way.

Lets have a look at a few features.

Fiskars 32-Inch PowerGear Bypass Lopper

Source: Amazon

What kind of Lopper are they?
The FISKAR PowerGearTM are bypass loppers. They work by having two blades which bypass each other in a similar way to scissors.

How do they feel in your hands?
One of the biggest strengths to the FISKAR PowerGearTM Lopper is their weight, they are extremely light but they also feel solid, they are nice and strong.

There have been times I have picked up loppers that were really light but felt like they'd twist in your hand with their first use. I am pleased to say this is simply not the case here, this tool proved to display good strength when in use.

Do the handles extend?
In this instance, no, however I was not overly worried by this. I had to use this tool well above my head for a significant period of time, which is often where tools with extendable handles helps, but I found because they cut so efficiently and were so light, my arms did not tire.

In fact, I think this tool would rarely be improved even if it had longer handles.

Does the tool cut well?
Yes. One word answer to match the efficiency of this tool. This lopper is designed to be 3 times more efficient than standard loppers and because of this it makes cutting even some of the thickest limbs possible an absolute breeze.

What is more, I found the cutting length to be fantastic, I was easily able to cut thicker limbs than I could on my old pair of loppers.

General Comments
Simply put this tool was a joy to use. I do not think I have used a more efficient lopper before, nor had such a smooth cut on thick limbs.

It can be highly annoying having to whip out a saw to cut a limb that really shouldn't need it and this lopper has significantly increased the size of limb I can effectively cut.

FISKARS PowerGearTM Loppers comes with a 25 year warranty. If you need a pair of Loppers I highly recommend them.

Overall 8/10

Below are 4 more Fiskars loppers you can choose from: 

Fiskars 9479 Quantum Hand Lopper, 23-Inch

With it's patented non-circular gearing mechanism, this lopper has three times more cutting power than single-pivot tools. 

Fiskars 9479 uses precision-ground bypass blade made from premium European steel for a more hardened, rust resistant blade.  

Fiskars 9479 Quantum Hand Lopper, 23-Inch

Source: Amazon

Fiskars PowerGear X Bypass Gear Scissors

Fiskars PowerGear X prioritizes safety with it's anti-slip coating and stable positioning while cutting branches made possible by it's curved counter blade. 

With it's unique patented mechanism, you get 3 times higher cutting performance with less effort.

Fiskars PowerGear X Bypass Gear Scissors LX94-M

Source: Amazon

Fiskars Ratchet Drive Anvil Lopper

This lopper has a maximum capacity of 2 inch diameter which makes it ideal for cutting thick branches. 

You'll never go wrong with it's precision-ground fully hardened steel blade which remains sharp even through heavy cutting use. 

Fiskars Ratchet Drive Anvil Lopper

Source: Amazon

Fiskars PowerGear Lopper Bypass

Fiskars Powergear is made for both right and left handed gardeners. With it's extremely lightweight handles made of fiberglass plastic, you'll be able to work effortlessly for longer hours. 

With it's non-stick coating, you get smoother yet very clean cut. 

Fiskars PowerGear Lopper Bypass Hardened steel 1000582

Source: Amazon

For more Fiskars Product Reviews, check out the links below: 

If you like to check out other products before making a decision, we also have a review on Cyclone products and garden loppers which we believe are the best for 2024. 

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