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21 Gabion Ideas for the Garden

Are you looking for natural ways to enhance your garden? Gabions are unique wire mesh containers filled with stones that offer both beauty and function.

Below, I have collected 21 gabion ideas for your garden that can transform your outdoor space into a picturesque haven. These gabion ideas include a wide range of possibilities, from stylish planters to retaining walls.


What is Gabion?

Gabion is a construction technique that uses wire mesh baskets filled with stones, rocks, or other natural materials. The gabion baskets are typically made of galvanised steel or other durable materials that are weather-resistant.

When filled, they create solid and stable structures that can be used for various purposes. Being made from natural materials, they blend in seamlessly with outdoor environments. This makes them a popular choice in landscaping design.

What Materials are Used for Gabion Baskets Structures?

Gabion structures are primarily made using two main materials:

Wire Mesh Containers

The gabion baskets are typically made from galvanised steel wire mesh. It is weather-resistant and will not rust or corrode. Steel wire mesh comes in various sizes making it a good choice for a wide range of filling materials and structural requirements.

Fill Material

Gabion baskets are usually filled with natural materials, such as rocks, gravel, and wood. These materials provide weight and stability to the structure. The fill material you use can vary depending on local availability and aesthetics.

In addition to natural materials, gabion structures can also be filled with recycled materials such as broken concrete and bottles. Depending on the use, you may also consider incorporating geotextile fabric, waterproof liners, flowerpots, etc.

Benefits of Using Gabion Cages for your Garden Landscaping

How to Build a Gabion Fire Pit

There are several benefits you will receive by using gabion structures in your garden. Here are some of the advantages:

Provide Privacy

Filled gabion walls can create privacy. They also reduce noise pollution from noisy neighbours, roads, and industrial areas.

Erosion Control

Gabion structures are highly effective at preventing soil erosion. They can be used to stabilize slopes and riverbanks. Gabion walls hold back soil while providing excellent drainage.


Gabion structures are durable and weather-resistant. They are able to withstand extreme weather conditions and last for years.

Natural Landscaping

Gabion structures have a natural, rustic appearance. They are popular in landscaping for creating decorative garden borders, raised beds, seating, and more.


Gabion structures can be built in various shapes and sizes. This provides flexibility in design and construction.


Gabion structures provide excellent drainage. This helps to reduce the risk of water buildup behind the wall.


Gabion walls are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional concrete walls. By using existing materials, you are minimising the environmental impact.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, gabion structures generally require very little maintenance.

Easy Installation

With a little research and the right materials, assembling your own gabion cages can be easy. Simply make the baskets, prepare the ground, and fill them.

Are Not Permanent

Unlike concrete structures, gabions are not fixed to the ground. Therefore, if needed, they can be moved or taken down fairly quickly.

21 Gabion Ideas for the Garden

Below are 21 gabion ideas for the garden that will elevate your outdoor space. From stylish planters and water features to retaining walls and cosy fire pits.

These gabion projects will not only beautify your garden, but also provide practical solutions for many of your problems.

1. Gabion Retaining Wall

Gabion walls combine structural strength with aesthetic appeal. They are a great choice for a wide range of landscaping projects. The walls can help reduce erosion, provide stability, and enhance the beauty of an outdoor space. They are also great for reducing noise pollution.

2. Gabion Pond

Gabion Pond

Gabion baskets can be used to create tranquil ponds that are visually striking. The ponds will attract wildlife and enhance the beauty of your garden.

Include a fountain to create the soothing sounds of water. Ponds are ideal for creating a relaxing and picturesque background for outdoor gatherings.

3. Gabion Fire Pit

Gabion Fire Pit

Source: StrataGreen

Gabion fire pits are a unique way to add warmth and ambiance to your outdoor area. Fire pits make beautiful focal points for gatherings and relaxing. By using a fire-resistant insert, you can reduce the risk of flames spreading beyond the designated area.

How to Build a Gabion Fire Pit

  1.  Determine where the centre point of your firepit will be and drive a pole into position. Tie a piece of string line around the post and some form of marker (we used crayon for our pavers) to the other end.

    Mark the outer circle to your preferred dimensions. We made ours a little bigger than our intended fire pit to aid rain run-off in the winter.
  2. Hire, or buy an angle grinder that can accommodate the depth of your pavers. In a circular motion begin cutting around the circumference of your circle. Remove your paving cut-offs and cement the edges so they don’t move over time.
  3. [DISCLAIMER: Step Three was our final step but we realised we could have made it much nicer by completing this step first.] Source a sheet of galvanised wire larger than your outer dimensions and mark a circle that fits your outer and inner lines.

    Cut this with a metal angle grinder. If you can weld, source some metal wire with the same thickness as your sheet and then run a bead of this wire around both the inner and outer circles. This will become your top piece and will make the process of tying it down much easier and neater than what we did.
  4. Use the circle you made at Step 3 to mark out your dimensions for your fire pit. On the inside of both circles drive some thick reinforcing bar into the ground. (TIP: At least half the height of these bars should be in the ground – ie. if you want 400 mm above ground as the height of your gabion fire pit then ensure that you use 600 mm bars).

    The more you use the neater your circle will remain. You can position them representing clock time slots, if this helps.
  5. To build the sides, measure the radius of the outer circle and compute the circumference using this calculator. Then do the same for the inner circle. Now you need to cut some galvanised wire to your preferred height (we chose 400 mm) and to the length of your circumferences.

    You should have two pieces – one for the outer circle and one for the inner. (TIP: Cut these a little longer than the circumference distance so that they overlap by at least one grid. It will make it more rigid and easier to shape).
  6. The final step of the wire construction is to tie-off the galvanised wire circles to the reinforcing bar. Plan to tie-off the wire at 100 mm intervals to give more rigidity.
  7. With the walls constructed it’s quite an easy process to start infilling them. Our preferred choice of material was broken brick seconds but you can use any brick/stone/rock material. Start packing from the bottom and work your way up trying to ensure that movement between the material is limited.
  8. The final step in producing your Gabion fire pit is to place the cover (created at Step Three) over your construction. This provides the whole structure with rigidity. If you leave the cover off it’s quite possible that your fire pit will continue to move as people press their legs against them whilst enjoying a fire pit party.

4. Gabion Edging

Gabion Edging

Gabion garden edging can be installed to define garden spaces, pathways, and borders. It is highly durable and will retain its position for years. You can customise the size, shape, and choice of stones to match your garden's design and style. 

5. Gabion Bench

Gabion Bench

Gabion benches offer a practical and attractive seating option for outdoor spaces. They provide a unique place for relaxing, socialising, and enjoying nature. The gabion base provides excellent stability and durability even in various weather conditions.

6. Gabion Table

Gabion Table

You can use gabion structures to build sturdy, outdoor tables. By combining stone-filled gabion baskets with a tabletop, you can create a decorative piece for your outdoor area.

You can add seating around the gabion table, such as chairs or benches, to create a functional outdoor dining or gathering space.

7. Gabion Steps

Gabion Steps

Source: Gabion1

Gabion steps provide an attractive and functional solution for elevation changes. They are a popular choice for pathways, terraces, and garden staircases.

Gabion steps provide excellent drainage, preventing water buildup and minimising erosion. They are also durable and resistant to weathering, making them a long lasting solution.

8. Gabion Water Feature

Gabion Water Feature

Source: HB Jinshi

Gabion water features offer a natural and rustic aesthetic that blends in well with outdoor spaces. The stone-filled baskets and flowing water create a visually striking focal point.

The sound of flowing water is perfect for creating a relaxing environment. You can design gabion water features in various shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs.

9. Gabion Planter

Gabion planters can be used for growing a variety of plants, including flowers, shrubs, herbs, and vegetables. They provide excellent drainage, preventing waterlogging and ensuring healthy plant growth.

Their unique design and benefits make them a popular choice for those looking to create distinctive garden features.

10. Gabion Sculpture

A gabion sculpture would look wonderful in your garden. The structure will create an eye-catching focal point that will definitely become a topic of conversation.

The design of the gabion structure will complement the natural aesthetics of an outdoor space. It will also allow you to express yourself artistically.

11. Gabion Raised Garden Bed

Gabion Raised Garden Bed

Gabion walls are an excellent choice for creating raised garden beds. Their construction provides excellent drainage, preventing waterlogging and root rot. 

The raised height makes gardening more accessible and minimises bending or kneeling. Additionally, the natural look of gabion walls will add to the aesthetics of the garden.

12. Gabion Archway

Gabion Archway

Source: Houzz

A gabion archway can be a visually striking and structurally sound garden feature. The natural look of the stones, combined with the form, will add an artistic touch to any outdoor space. It would make a beautiful entrance for gardens, seating areas, and pathways.

13. Gabion Basket Mailbox

Gabion Basket Mailbox

Gabion mailboxes can serve as an eye-catching focal point along your driveway. They are extremely durable and can withstand various weather conditions. They are also stable and will prevent your mailbox from leaning over.

14. Gabion Plant Stand

A gabion plant stand is a creative way to display plants in your garden or outdoor space. Not only will the stand serve as a functional platform, but also adds a touch of creativity. It is an excellent choice for people looking for unique ways to display their plants while adding height.

15. Gabion Pizza Oven Base

Gabion Pizza Oven Base

Source: Gabion1

A gabion pizza oven base is a creative and visually appealing way to support an outdoor pizza oven. The structure will add a rustic, natural element to your outdoor kitchen.

It also provides a sturdy foundation for your outdoor pizza oven. Using a gabion wall is a great way to combine functionality and design.

16. Gabion Outdoor Bar

Gabion Outdoor Bar

Source: Houzz

A gabion outdoor bar can be a fantastic addition to your outdoor space. Bars encourage social interaction and enhance the overall outdoor experience. A gabion bar is aesthetically appealing and durable. It would be perfect for hosting parties or just enjoying the beauty of nature.

17. Gabion Maze

Do you have a large garden area? Transform it into a fun maze using gabion walls. It is a fun and engaging way to enjoy your garden while creating an unforgettable experience for family and guests. Once the maze is installed you can incorporate plants and other decorative features.

18. Gabion Potting Bench

Gabion Potting Bench

Make gardening easier with a gabion potting bench. The bench provides a stable and attractive workspace that can blend in seamlessly with your garden. Its size and design can be customised to fit your space and keep your gardening tools organized.

19. Gabion Wall Outdoor Shower

Gabion Outdoor Shower

Source: Enzar

Enjoy the relaxing beauty of nature with a gabion outdoor shower. With its rustic charm and privacy, you can take a refreshing shower in your own backyard. Gabion showers typically use natural materials and have a minimal environmental impact.

20. Gabion Outdoor Fireplace

Enhance your garden gatherings with an outdoor gabion fireplace. This stylish addition will add warmth to your outdoor space, making it ideal for cool evenings and social gatherings. Your guests will enjoy the crackling flames and ambiance.

21. Gabion Outdoor Kitchen

Gabion Outdoor Kitchen

Source: Wire Fence

Outdoor kitchens are perfect for hosting gatherings and entertaining guests. They provide a central place for socialising and enjoying meals. Gabion outdoor kitchens allow you to make the most of their outdoor spaces. 

You can incorporate this gabion outdoor kitchen when designing your outdoor dining area.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with these Gabion Ideas

Gabion structures are versatile, durable, and visually appealing solutions for a wide range of projects. You can use these ideas to turn your garden into a tranquil escape or to simply enhance your space.

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