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Best Hanging Basket Ideas of 2022

When you go out, do you look for hanging basket ideas that would look amazing at your home? You can find baskets everywhere from homes, stores, restaurants, to pubs. They are big, colourful, and breathtaking.

Have you tried to create your own hanging baskets, but failed? Most people have. This is because they do not know the correct way to plant and take care of their hanging baskets.

Below, you will learn some tips for planting and caring for your basket.


Why You Should Use Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can add beauty to your home or business. You can hang them on your porch, fence, walls, or a shepherd’s hook. They make your place look cheerful and more inviting.

If you are not sure where you should hang your hangers, look at Pinterest for countless hanging basket ideas.

How to Choose the Proper Hanging Basket

Before you go out and purchase a hanging basket, look at several hanging basket ideas. And take into consideration:

  • Where Will You Hang the Basket

    Choose a basket size that works well with the space. You do not want a tiny basket in a large area or a huge basket in a very small area.
  • Basket Design

    You will want a basket that matches well with your decor.
  • Does it Have Drainage

    Plants need proper drainage. Choose a basket that provides drainage. If the basket does not have a built-in drainage option, you may need to add a layer of drainage rocks. 
  • How are You Going to Hang the Basket?

    Make sure that you have a plan for hanging the basket. You can use a screw-in plant hook, an S-hook, a basket bracket, or a shepherd’s hook.
  • What Plants are You Planting?

    You will want to find plants that like full sun to partial shade. The hanging basket will need to be large enough to allow for root growth.

Hanging Basket Ideas - Tips and Tricks

Are you planning on using some of our hanging basket ideas to display your plants? Follow these tips and tricks to help ensure you have stunning arrangements.

1. Use A High Quality Soil

The type of soil you use is vital. You want a potting mix that is lightweight and can hold water. Do not go outside and dig up dirt to use in your basket.

2. Do Not Forget to Water

Plants need water. And hanging baskets usually need to be watered often. Frequently check to see how moist the dirt is. It is not unusual to have to water your plants daily or even twice a day.

3. Feed Your Plants

Since hanging baskets get watered frequently, the nutrients get washed away quickly. When planting your basket, add a slow-release granular fertiliser. Then, once a week, use a liquid fertilser.

4. Choose the Right Plant

Not all plants grow well in a basket. Take into consideration how much shade and sun the plant will get. Also note, tall plants do not look as good as short flowers or cascading plants.

5. Do Not Skimp

Do not skimp on the number of plants you are planting in the basket. Pack the plants in, so you get a full, lush basket. You will want to use more plants than usual since they will not have as long to grow.

10 DIY Hanging Basket Ideas

If you are crafty, try your hand at one of these DIY hanging basket ideas. All these planters are fairly simple to make.

DIY Hanging Planter Out of Wood and Rope

Do you have some scrap wood and rope lying around? Make this wood hanging plant basket.

DIY Terracotta Clay Hanging Planters

Do you enjoy working with clay? You can make this DIY hanging basket using terracotta air dry clay and cookie cutters. We bet you can come up with a lot of unique hanging basket ideas to make with clay.

DIY Hanging Basket Made with Chicken Wire and Moss

This DIY hanging basket starts with a chicken wire frame. It is then covered in sheet moss. You can use this basket idea to make a planter in any size.

Easy Hanging Plant Basket

Make a stunning DIY hanging basket with some metal bowls and a chain. You can find most of the supplies at your local discount store. 

Enamel Colander as a Hanging Porch Planter

Do you have an old enamel colander tucked away somewhere? Put it to use by making it into a hanging plant basket.

DIY Hanging Planter

Make this inexpensive hanging planter with an old embroidery hoop and bowl. You can often find stacks of these old hoops at your local charity shop.

Upcycled Basket Into Hanging Garden

Instead of putting a lot of time into finding the perfect hanging basket ideas, use some old baskets. Simply thread some rope through it to hang it up

Dollar Store DIY Hanging Baskets

Here is a super simple DIY hanging basket idea. And it is a great way to add some fun pops of colour.

How to Make a Painted Rope Planter

Find some coloured rope or dye your own to make this eye-catching hanging plant basket. It is a very simple project that only requires rope, a plastic pot, a drill, and a hot glue gun.

Upcycle Dollar Store Baskets

Discount stores always have colourful metal baskets. Buy several of them and create a multi-tiered basket. 

26 Beautiful Hanging Basket Ideas to Liven Up Your Space

Below you will find 26 hanging basket ideas for your home or business. We have included a wide variety of sizes and styles.

 1. Hanging Planter Basket Set from Suxunjian

Hanging Planter Basket Set from Suxunjian

With this hanging basket, you do not need to buy a pot. It is handmade from quality and eco-friendly corn skin. You can also use this plant hanger to store makeup brushes, lotions, cooking utensils, etc.

Find the Basket from suxunjian HERE

 2. YanYoung Hanging Basket Planters with Hooks from Sparks Co.

YanYoung Hanging Basket Planters with Hooks from Sparks Co

Create the perfect flower arrangement in this durable rust resistant basket. The basket has a drainage plug that allows you to switch between indoor and outdoor use. It has a decorative rust-resistant triple-chain hanger for easy hanging.

Find the Basket from Sparks Co., Ltd. HERE

3. Woven Hanging Planter Storage Basket from TheMeditopAUS

Woven Hanging Planter Storage Basket from TheMeditopAUS

 Add a rustic style to your living spaces with this handmade woven hanging planter basket. The basket measures 18 cm high x 20 cm in diameter. There is no drainage hole. It is intended for indoor use only.

Find the Basket from TheMeditopAUS HERE

 4. YYUNANG Multi-Layered Leather Hanging Basket

YYUNANG Multi-Layered Leather Hanging Basket

This leather and hemp rope hanging basket will add style anywhere it is displayed. When not in use, it lays flat for easy storage. It is suitable for most flowerpots.

Find the Basket from YYUNANG HERE

 5. Macrame Hanging Basket from Macramebeautiful

Macrame Hanging Basket from Macramebeautiful

This set of macrame hanging baskets has a simple, boho chic style. You can use them as fruits hammocks, stuffed toys storage, or for indoor plants. The hanging basket is available in 3 styles, multiple lengths, and a wide variety of colours.

More macrame fruit hammock and basket patterns here.

Find the Basket from Macramebeautiful HERE

VIYAGOOL Hanging Planter Basket with Chain and Coconut Shell Liner from OUSHUNRUI-AU

These steel wire hanging planter baskets are made from iron and natural coconut fibres. They are ideal for planting plants, such as flowers, begonias, succulents, geraniums, grasses, moss, cacti, or artificial plants. Each basket is 30.48 cm in diameter x 15.24 cm deep.

Find the Basket from OUSHUNRUI-AU HERE

Stylish Hanging Leather Plant Holder Hanging Basket from LumeahCo

Use this modern, scandi-boho style leather hanging planter basket to showcase your indoor plants. It is a practical solution for succulents and herbs. The handmade hanging plant basket is made from ethically sourced genuine leather. It is available in black, beige or brown.

Find the Basket from LumeahCo HERE

Modern Ceramic Hanging Planters from MyGift Australia

Create a beautiful little arrangement of succulents with this set of 3 baskets. The planters are made of white ceramic. They can be used indoors or outdoors. The approximate dimensions are 10.8 cm wide x 31.75 cm high x 9.53 cm deep.

Find the Basket from MyGift Australia HERE

Macrame Hanging Baskets from Macrame WonderlandAU

Add a Bohemian vibe to your home with a gorgeous macrame hanging basket. The planter is handmade from cotton rope. The basket is sturdy and lightweight. It is available in small, medium, large, and two-tiered.

Find the Basket from MacrameWonderlandAU HERE

Nordic Seagrass Macrame Hanging Basket from KofiTofiDesign

This grass basket has a beautiful macrame cover. Use this basket to add a modern, Bohemian touch to any space. The basket measures approximately 17 cm wide at the top, 13 cm wide at the bottom, and 15 cm high.

Find the Basket from KofiTofiDesign HERE

Round Plant Flower Wall Holder with Coco Coir Liner from HotsaleAU

This hanging basket plant stand is perfect for plants such as flowers, begonias, succulents, geraniums, grasses, moss, cacti, or artificial plants. It has a durable metal structure that has a plastic coating.

The lining is made of 100% natural coconut fiber. Included with the basket is a heavy duty chain and wrought iron plant hanger.

See our large collection of plant stand here. 

Find the Plant Stand from HotsaleAU HERE

Embossed Hanging Plant Baskets from TheMeditopAUS

Simple yet stylish, this embossed ceramic hanging plant basket can be used to display your favourite indoor plants. The pot measures 13.5 cm high x 13.5 cm in diameter. The rope is 60 cm long x 0.2 cm in diameter. The wooden beads are 1.7 cm in diameter.

Find the Basket from TheMeditopAUS HERE

Garden Greens Hanging Plant Basket Coconut Fibre Lining

This hanging plant basket from Garden Greens has 37 cm strong metal chains that can be removed to use the basket as a ground pot. The lining is made from 100% natural coconut fibre. The basket measures 30 cm deep x 14 cm wide x 14 cm high.

Find the Basket from Harris Technology HERE

Macrame Hanging Basket from Macrame WonderlandAU

Add a Bohemian vibe to your home with a gorgeous macrame hanging basket. The planter is handmade from cotton rope. The basket is sturdy and lightweight. It is available in small, medium, large, and two-tiered.

Find the Basket from MacrameWonderlandAU HERE

Jute Rope Garden Hanging Plant Storage Basket from IndoorCo

This handmade hanging flower basket is made from cattail. The basket’s upper diameter is 20 cm, the depth is 13 cm, and the total length is 50 cm. It is suitable for a patio, garden, balcony, living room, bedroom, hallway, etc.

Find the Basket from IndoorCo HERE

Two Tier Hanging Basket from FromEarthAU

Add some plants to your home with this two-tiered basket. The basket is stylish, yet functional. You can hang it from the ceiling or your porch roof.

Find the Basket from FromEarthAU HERE

Macrame Hanging Fruit Basket from MarikaiHome

Use this macrame basket to free up space in your kitchen or hang your plants. The basket measures 26 cm in diameter and 10 cm high. The length of the hanger is 25-28 cm from top of the basket to bottom of the tail.

Find the Basket from MarikaiHome HERE

Hanging Planter from ItisInTheBagDesignsAU

Handmade in Melbourne from premium quality, durable outdoor woven mesh material.  This basket was made to withstand the harsh Australian elements. The basket is ideal for hanging a planter or for general storage. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

Find the Basket from ItisInTheBagDesignsAU HERE

Metal Plant Flower Hanging Basket from PassItForwardGifts

Create a miniature garden with this metal hanging b. It features a scroll design and coconut fibre insert. The top diameter is 40 cm and the depth is 19 cm. The metal chains are 40 cm.

Find the Basket from PassItForwardGifts HERE

Hanging Basket from AnnaGleeDesigns

The basket has colour on the base, with a contrasting white for the top part. It can be used for real or fake plants. If you plan on using it for real plants, you will need to add a plastic liner. 

The basket measures approximately 13 cm high, 10 cm at the base, 14 cm wide at the rim, and has a total hanging height of 77 cm

Find the Basket from AnnaGleeDesigns HERE

Handmade Crochet Hanging Baskets from YarnsAndDarns

These hand crocheted baskets are washable and available in 2 sizes. They would be the perfect addition to your home decor. They are made from 100% cotton.

Find the Basket from YarnsAndDarns HERE

Seagrass Boho Hanging Plant Basket from KimCreations0123

Handmade and gorgeous, this seagrass plant basket can be hung on your wall. The basket measures approximately 67 cm in height and 21 cm wide. It is decorated with a handmade beaded tassel and a plaited handle.

Find the Basket from KimCreations0123 HERE

Flower Pot Net Hanging from BNKP-Store

You can use this hanging basket indoors or outdoors. The vintage inspired macrame hanger will look elegant no matter where you hang it. It has a strong, flexible design that can accommodate various planter shapes and sizes. The basket measures 100 cm long.

Find the Basket from BNKP-Store HERE

Powerlap Woven Hanging Basket for Plant Pot Cover and Storage from PowerField

The woven bamboo basket is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Included are 2 baskets that measure approximately 19 cm x 36 cm x 8 cm.

Find the Basket from PowerField HERE

Metal Hanging Basket with Insert from PassItForwardGifts

This beautiful basket can enhance any outdoor space. You can even create a small garden with limited space. The metal basket includes a coconut fibre insert and 40 cm metal chains with a hook.

Find the Basket from PassItForwardGifts HERE

Hanging Railing Planter Baskets from iDopick.AU.Store

Show off your beautiful pots and plants with these simple wrought iron railing planter baskets. They are stylish, elegant, and simple to use. They are suitable for decorating terraces, porches, balconies, gardens, railways, fences, etc.

Find the basket from iDopick.AU.Store HERE

Showcase Your Plants Using Some of these Hanging Basket Ideas

Plants make us feel happy. They are great for adding colour and nature to our homes. If you love plants and are looking for more ways to add them to your decor or garden, use a few of the hanging basket ideas we have listed.

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