Kunzea Affinis

Kunzea Affinis | Growing + Care Guide Australia

Last week I featured the Kunzea capitata, this week I am featuring the Kunzea affinis.

Kunzea Affinis Features

Genus: Kunzea
Species: affinis
Common Name:
Flower Colour: Pink
Foliage Colour: Green
Growth Habit: Shrub to 1.5m
Flowering: Spring

The Kunzea affinis is a small shrub which grows to roughly 1.5m in height. It usually grows with an upright nature but can be trained to grow more bushy if you desire. Gently cut the growing tips while it is growing to encourage this Kunzea to become more bushy.

The Kunzea affinis is native to the south of Western Australia and as such prefers a temperate to cool climate. It will grow well in a sunny to part shade position in a well draining soil. Is very hardly to a harsh summer sun and can also withstand mild frosts in the winter.

Very good plant to mix in group plantings with Leptospermum or Melaleuca plants.