Multicrop Plant Starter

Multicrop Plant Starter, another great Gardening Product.

Multicrop Plant Starter is a product that I’ve been using for the last few years. It’s a gardening product that my mother also uses in her garden and we’ve both found it great in helping new plants in becoming established.


Why Use Multicrop Plant Starter?

Multicrop Plant Starter is meant to stimulate root growth and I also use it undiluted to help strike cuttings when propagating new plants. When used in the garden, just mix it with some water at the recommended rate and water it well in around the rootball. I quite often use it in combination with Seasol.

It’s great when planting and I quite often soak the root ball of the plant in a solution of this in a bucket before it gets planted into the ground.

The other thing I’ve found is that it’s great for shifting or transplanting a plant to a new position. You can soak the plant's roots with this solution before, during and after the job. I wasn’t actually using this gardening product though back when transplanting my Grevillea Caloundra Gem but if I’d known about it then I definitely would have used it.

Multicrop Plant Starter is also meant to do a lot of the things that Seasol does as well but I can’t see any advantage of using one product over the other. I just use them both.

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