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Pimelea Physodes | Growing and Care Guide Australia

Last week I talked about the Pimelea variety called the ‘Pink Rice Flower’, the Pimelea ferruginea. This week I am reviewing the Pimelea physodes.


Pimelea Physodes Features

Genus: Pimelea
Species: physodes
Common Name: Qualup Bell
Flower Colour: Yellow
Foliage Colour: Green
Growth Habit: Shrub to 1m
Flowering: Winter

Pimelea Physodes

Often within plant varieties there are only subtle differences between two different kinds. That is not really the case in this instance, especially when comparing flowers.

Last week we discussed how the beauty of the ferruginea is in the fact its flowers cluster together to make a striking difference between the flower and the dark green foliage.

The physodes flowers do not cluster but it is definitely the flowers which define this variety. Instead of small, clustering flowers the physodes forms large, bell-like flowers which make it an absolutely beautiful Australian Native flower for flower arrangements.

Also see: Pimelea Rosea and Pimelea Spectabilis

The physodes variety is a little more susceptible to sun than the ferruginea and so it prefers a partly shady position. It also likes a well drained soil and grows best along the West Australian southern coast however many hybrids are being released which is helping this beautiful variety to be more readily available Australia wide.

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  1. Just gone through your blog showing the Plant of the Month – Pimelea 2 and found it to be impressive. It really made my day.

  2. It’s a lovely plant … thanks for posting these two snippets … I’ve never seen these before.

  3. I love the look of this plant. I live in the south west where it grows. But cant find a nursery that sells it. Have tried seeds with no success.

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