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Verticordia Dichroma | Growing and Care Guide Australia

This is the fourth and final Verticordia variety to be reviewed this month UNLESS you are subscribed to my newsletter, in which case you will receive a 5th in the April edition! Last week we looked at the Verticordia picta, this week we will be reviewing the Verticordia dichroma.

Verticordia Dichroma Features

Growing Verticordia DischromaGenus: Verticordia
Species: dichroma
Common Name: N/A
Flower Colour: Orange/Red
Foliage Colour: Greeen
Growth Habit: Shrub to 1m
Flowering: Spring

Verticordia dichroma is a fantastic variety of Verticordia that has a really striking flower. The red/orange flowers really stand out when planted amongst other plants, in particular other Verticordia varieties. When in flower this Verticordia would have to be close to my favourite, it just looks absolutely divine.

The dichroma grows to approximately 1m high though some argue that it can grow much higher (up to 3m) and spreads out over a 1-2m diameter. It grows best in relatively sandy soils but has been known to do well in most soils. Once again the Verticordia dichroma is native to Western Australia and it does definitely grow best over here but most Mediterranean climates should be able to get some success.

The Verticordia is truly a fantastic Australian Native Plant. I hope you’ve enjoyed it featuring this month!

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