Verticordia Picta | Growing and Care Guide Australia

Last week I reviewed the Verticordia mitchelliana, this week I’ll be reviewing the Verticordia picta.

Verticordia Picta Features

Verticordia PictaGenus: Verticordia
Species: picta
Common Name: Painted Feather Flower or China Cups
Flower Colour: Pink or white
Foliage Colour: Greeen
Growth Habit: Shrub to 1m
Flowering: Spring, Summer

Another variety of the beautiful Verticordia species. The picta very much prefers full sun positions and it is well worth planting it out in the open because when it is in flower it looks absolutely spectacular. The picta grows best in sandy or clay soils in a Mediterranean climate and like almost all other species of Verticordia is native to Western Australia.

The picta usually flowers in Spring and Summer and the flowers often darken as they get older, starting out quite a light pink (or even white) and then darkening to a beautiful, deeper pink. The picta, like most Verticordia’s, is best planted in seedling or small shrub form as they germinate notoriously slowly from seed.

Cuttings from current seasons growth can work but this is less successful. Root promoting hormone is almost definitely a necessity if you are going to attempt growing from a cutting.