Verticordia Monadelpha | Growing and Care Guide Australia

For the month of April I will be taking a look at 4 different varieties of the Australian Native Plant called the Verticordia. I was introduced to the Verticordia when I lived on Verticordia St in Greenwood, Western Australia.

The owners of the house had planted a number of varieties in their front garden and they looked absolutely magnificent. I actually overhauled their garden while I was there, adding even more varieties. The verticordia is a fantastic Australian Native Plant.

Here is the first variety for April

Verticordia Monadelpha Features

Verticordia monadelphaGenus: Verticordia
Species: monadelpha
Common Name: Woolly Featherflower
Flower Colour: Pink
Foliage Colour: Green
Growth Habit: Shrub to 50cm
Flowering: Spring, Summer

The Verticordia monadelpha has the most delightful little pink flowers which bunch together to form beautiful clumps. When in full flower this Verticordia really stands out. As a smaller shrub it can work really well planted around a central specimen plant.

It also works very well planted in front of a slightly larger growing shrub to help cover a wall or other various objects you might be trying to hide.

This Verticordia is a pretty hardy little plant that prefers to grow in sandy or gravel based soils. It is native to Western Australia and grows best on the West Coast but there has been growing success by gardeners who have started to plant it on the East Coast.

The Verticordia monadelpha is increasingly being used as part of formal floral decorations. A great choice for your garden.

Thanks to Lullitz Nursery for some of this information.