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Product review and giveaway! Cyclone Sculpt range of shearers and loppers

Cyclone sculpt review

Here at Aussie Green Thumb, we recently got our hands on the new ‘Sculpt’ range of prunning tools from Cyclone and ran them through their paces to see how they would hold up. We’ve also got a set to giveaway; keep reading to find out how to enter in less than 10 seconds! Read more

Infographic: 6 interesting gardening gadgets for 2015

Having a bit of difficulty growing plants? Is your outdoor water bill becoming unsustainable? If questions like these apply to you then consider these six gardening gadgets showcased at CES 2015 (a major worldwide electronics expo).

In recent years, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which is better known for large product announcements from brands like Samsung, has been showcasing more and more gadgets that are directly applicable to gardeners. In this year’s show, we came across six gardening gadgets that are likely to have a big future in the gardening community. Check out the infographic below, or read on to find out more about what each gadget does. Read more

Interview with Stephen Clark, GARDENA Australia’s Product Manager

A little while ago I got the chance to sit down and have a chat with Stephen Clark who is the Product Manager for GARDENA Australia.

Here at Aussie Green Thumb we have long been fans of the GARDENA product range, having previously reviewed the smart flow water meter which helps you track how much water you are using in your garden (hint: it’s great).

GARDENA is a well established brand originating in Germany with a reputation for high quality, durable products that will stand the test of time. I was excited to be able to gain a bit of an insight into the GARDENA research and production process and Stephen was really forthcoming with tips and ideas for working smarter in the garden.

So let’s get into it! Read more

ClearShield Screens – Be Ready For Anything With A Cyclone Screen

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Note from Jim: This week we are featuring Clearshield Screens, an award winning Australian company specialising in security doors and security screens. If you have any further questions on cyclone screens, i.e. installation or safety aspects, leave a comment below and Jamie or George will follow up to answer your questions.

Keep your home safe, even in extreme conditions

There is nothing more important in life than the safety of your family and family home. ClearShield’s impeccable safety standards – and large variety of safety products – will ensure they’re kept safe.

Northern Australia is among the most active cyclonic areas in the world, hit each year with extreme weather events that often cause major destruction to property and threaten the families inside. The strongest wind gust ever recorded on the Australian mainland was 267 kilometres per hour, recorded in 1999 from Cyclone Vance.

Read more

Husqvarna Brush Cutters – Product Review

I was recently afforded the opportunity to test out some of Husqvarna’s new additions to 500 series Trimmers and Brushcutter range. As someone who shifted to using Husqvarna products a couple of years ago, I was really excited to test out their new machines and I was not left disappointed.

New Additions
Husqvarna have added 4 new trimmers and brush cutters. To the line trimmer range they have added the 524L, 525LST and 525RJD. Then in the brushcutter range they have added the 525RS.

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Toro Precision Soil Sensor

Toro Precision Soil Sensor

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In Australia it is extremely important that we value and conserve our precious water resources and so adding a Toro Precision Soil Sensor is a great idea.

Even though we may be ‘gurt by sea’, drinkable water is only becoming more and more of a scarce resource. This is why it is important that we make sure our reticulation systems are as efficient as possible and that is why adding a moisture sensor to our reticulation systems is pivotal.

The great people at Toro have released a fantastic, simple sensor system which can likely work with your reticulation control box  and I believe it is one of the better systems on the market. Read more