Beaufortia Purpurea | Growing + Care Guide Australia

Last week I featured the Beaufortia elegans, this week I am featuring the Beaufortia purpurea.

Beaufortia Purpurea Features

Genus: Beaufortia
Species: purpurea
Common Name: Purple Beaufortia
Flower Colour: Red
Foliage Colour: Green
Growth Habit: Shrub 1m
Flowering: Spring to Summer

Though the flower colour is listed as ‘red’ it would be more true to call it a ‘red-purple’ colour, hence why this variety is called purpurea which comes from the latin word for purple, purpureus. This variety is a low growing shrub (maximum height is usually about 1m) which flowers from mid spring to late summer.

This variety, like all the Beaufortia that I have featured, is native to Western Australia however like many of the other varieties, this one has been successfully grown in other cool and temperate regions of Australia.

The purpurea prefers a rocky or granite based soil and does well on rocky slopes. A great native plant to try in a sloping garden. Once again you can see why this genus is often confused with the Callistemon genus.