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Beaufortia Elegans | Growing + Care Guide Australia

This month at AussieGreenThumb.com I am featuring the Australian Native Plant 'Beaufortia'. Last week I featured the Beaufortia aestiva, this week I am featuring the Beaufortia elegans.


Beaufortia Elegans Features

Genus: Beaufortia
Species: elegans
Common Name: Elegant Beaufortia
Flower Colour: Purple
Foliage Colour: Green
Growth Habit: Shrub 1m
Flowering: Spring to Autumn

Beaufortia Elegans responds very well to pruning when it finishes flowering and can be shaped to suit your desires

The Beaufortia elegans actually comes in a couple of different colours (I definitely know a red variety exists) but I particularly like the purple variety.

You can see the similarities between it and a Callistemon Bottlebrush (especially the red variety) but again, the leaves are a give away that this is a Beaufortia species.

Growing Beaufortia Elegans

This species will grow well in well-draining soils in a full sun to part shade location. It is also a plant that responds very well to pruning when it finishes flowering and can be shaped to suit your desires.

The elegans is native to Western Australia but has been successfully grown in most cool to temperate climates around Australia.

More Beaufortia Varieties:

Why not consider this plant when you are next choosing an Australian Native Plant to grow.

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