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Callistemon brachyandrus | Growing + Care Guide Australia

So far this month I have reviewed a number of Australian plant varieties that resemble the common Bottlebrush or that have the name ‘Bottlebrush’ as part of their common name.

As such I thought it was about time that I reviewed the actual genus that is generally considered to be the actual Bottlebrush, which is called Callistemon.

Here is the first featured species of Callistemon, the Callistemon brachyandrus.


Callistemon brachyandrus Features

Genus: Callistemon
Species: C. brachyandrus
Family: Myrtaceae
Common Name: Prickly Bottlebrush
Flower Colour: Red
Foliage Colour: Green
Growth Habit: Small tree to 3m
Flowering: Summer to Autumn

Callistemon brachyandrus has much sharper and pointier leaves than other varieties of Callistemon

Though most species of Callistemon have red flowers, the Callistemon brachyandrus has something that sets it apart and that is the yellow anthers that poke out through the red flower.

Growing Callistemon Prickly Bottlebrush

It has been said that this makes it look like it is covered in gold and I like that idea. Callistemon brachyandrus have much sharper and pointier leaves than other species of Callistemon.

Though in the wild the distribution of the Callistemon brachyandrus is limited in small pockets of the East Coast of Australia, it has proven to be a very hardy and adaptable variety which will grow equally well in wet or dry soils.

Full sun is definitely a priority however. After flowering the Callistemon brachyandrus will thrive if given a good, healthy prune. Keep it trimmed to the size that you desire for the place you want it to grow.

More Callistemon species and cultivars to choose from:

This makes the Callistemon brachyandrus a good choice for any location that you want a small tree to grow in your garden.

Last Updated on February 26, 2024

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  1. That’s a really nice bottlebrush, one of the few Australian trees we have in the Botanical Gardens in Oslo, Norway. I hope they will prune it 🙂

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