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Habitat Plants Tasmanian Native Plants Nursery

For my very South-East Australian readers, have I found a website for you or what! While perusing various nursery websites recently I stumbled upon a nursery from Tasmania called ‘Habitat Plants’ and boy am I glad that I did.

They have an absolutely fantastic range and they specifically specialise in varieties that are native to the Tasmania.


Habitat Plants - Tasmanian Native Plants Nursery Details

Sally & Herbert Staubmann
240 Jones Rd, Liffey, Tasmania 7302
Phone: 03 6397 3400
Mobile: 0408 973 

Retail Nursery Hours
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
8:30 am - 4 pm
Closed Month of July
Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing and New Year’s Day

About Habitat Plants Nursery Tasmania

From their website – “At Habitat Plants we are passionate about growing indigenous Tasmanian plants.

Like our customers we love to be amongst them and we love the idea that as we grow and care for the plants we are enhancing our own habitat: a habitat we share with mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates.”

Habitat Plants Nursery

From their website you can check out their online catalogue. The catalogue goes to show how vast and wide their range of plants is such as Hakeas, Acacias, Leptospermum, and Kunzeas

Get Kunzea Ambigua from Habitat Plants Nursery

They also sell other products, such as plant guards and mulch matting which may well be very beneficial to you as you plant your Australian native Plants.

Habitat Plants also offers various fact sheets from their website. Fact sheets such as ‘Tubestock plants for revegetation’ and ‘A garden for birds’ or ‘a garden for frogs’. 

Sally and Herbert Staubmann have been running Habitat plants since the 1980’s.

Over that time have acquired a vast amount of experience and know-how and so would be an absolutely amazing resource to gardeners looking to grow Australian Native plants and particularly Tasmanian Australian native Plants.

As seems to be a trend these days, Habitat nursery has been made to blend in with the surrounding bush land. This provides many benefits as the nursery itself simply acts as a natural play room for native fauna.

Apparently wombats are very common around the grounds in the evening! This all goes to help the plants grow in as similar a way as possible to how they would in the wild, making for the best Australian Native Plants available in the region.

If you live in the Tasmania region why don’t you go and check them out!

Last Updated on February 10, 2024

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  1. Hey Craig,

    Here at AGT we are not sure if Habitat Plants currently has any Lemon Myrtle plants.
    Here are their details so you can contact them directly, all the best.


    Sally & Herbert Staubmann
    240 Jones Rd, Liffey, Tasmania 7302
    Phone: 03 6397 3400
    Mobile: 0408 973

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