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How to Use Monochrome Pots for Indoor Plants

Plants bring the outdoors inside and create a place to relax and unwind. Monochrome pots for indoor plants are great for home decor.

Monochrome is based on black and white and the hues and shades that are in between, such as grey. Let us dig into how to use monochrome pots for your indoor plants. 


Monochrome Pots for Indoor Plants

Complimenting the monochrome pot size

The singular colour and varying tones of monochrome pots can create a sense of harmony and balance. This can allow your mind and eyes to rest. Caring for plants reduces stress and improves your mood.

The monochrome colour scheme can build on this. Monochrome pots for your indoor plants can achieve a peaceful and calm indoor space. 

Unfortunately, people may not take the time to select their monochrome pots for their home decor as:

  • I don’t know where to start
  • I don’t know which to choose
  • I don’t know how to create a calming indoor space

We will show you step by step how monochrome pots are used for home decor so you can have a calming indoor space.

Here's how:

Step 1: Choose the correct size pot for your space

Look out for proportions 

Choosing the right monochrome pot size

When planning where to put your monochrome pot, you need to think of space. A tiny cactus in an open plan living room would be lost. Similarly, a large palm would look squashed in the corner of the entrance hall.   

A large plant in a monochrome pot would look great in a reading nook. For example, a Parlour Palm would add a feeling of peacefulness, and paired with a monochrome pot; it would be an oasis of calm. A perfect space to read in.

If you have a lot of small plants, small monochrome pots can be hung from the ceiling. This can be a good idea if floor space is lacking. These pots will look chic and revive your indoor space.

Just make sure that you choose a ceiling fitting that can take the weight of your potted plant. The Aldi’s special deals catalogue has a range of tools and glues that can help to install your hanging pot.

Step 2: Pick a complementary monochrome style

Let your decor inspire you.

Monochrome Pots for Indoor Plants

Do you have beautiful wallpaper? Or a table that you can’t part with? Let these be your inspiration for your monochrome plant pots. There is no need to redecorate a whole room. 

Pick something that you love to be the basis of your colour palette. Is the colour of your room neutral tones? If so, choosing monochrome plant pots in these earthy, neutral colours will compliment your space. 

The space will feel larger if you have white walls and plenty of natural light. You could go for a similar tone with white or grey textured pots. Or you could choose darker coloured pots, such as black or stone, to add contrast and a focal point to the room.

When buying your pots, try to go to the store as the colour on your screen when shopping online may not be the exact match that you are looking for. 

Step 3: Group plant pots and sentimental value items together

Composition is key.

Mixing monochrome pots with other decorations

Potted plants can be placed with other ornaments or photos to create a tasteful display of things you value. Items that look great with monochrome plant pots are photos, ornaments, and candles.

When decorating your indoor space, the aim is to create interest and symmetry. All the decorative items on display tell a story and draw your attention as you look around the room. 

You can group plants and ornaments by:

  • Number
  • Size
  • Colour and tone

Here's how to do this:


It is best to arrange your monochrome pots and ornaments in odd-numbered groups. Aim for groups of three, five or seven objects. This will help with the symmetry of the arrangement. 

However, keep in mind the space you have available. Do not overcrowd the space, as it will look cluttered. If the arrangement does not look right, remove and add pots, photos etc., till you find what works.

Plant Pot Size

The size of the plant pot in the group will either be a focal point or complementary. You can decide which. Try arranging different sizes of monochrome plant pots, from tall to short, to add interest and balance to the group.

Try not to arrange plant pots of a similar height together, as they will blend in and lose their individuality.  Tall and slim pots which mirror their plants, e.g. snake plants, will draw the eye upwards and can draw attention to the art on the wall.

In contrast, large and wide pots with cacti can draw attention to a fireplace or bookshelf. 

Colour and tone 

Grouping plants and decorative objects with the same monochrome colour palette and style creates a cohesive look. You can group plants and ornaments by their tone and monochrome colour, as they will have a common hue. 

This will create a sense of belonging in the composition and make it look natural. For example, grouping light-coloured candles, ornaments with a plant and a monochrome pot that is light coloured will achieve this effect. 

For more options on pots and planters, don't miss our buying guides below:

Have Fun Decorating Your Indoors with Monochrome pots 

Monochrome pots for your indoor plants can create a calm and relaxing environment. This is because monochrome tones create a harmonious space, which adds to the benefits of reduced stress when caring for indoor plants. 

When choosing monochrome pots, start with the basics. First, choose the correct size pot for your space. Getting this right ensures that what you buy will have room in your home.

Secondly, pick a complementary monochrome style that reflects your home. No need to do a decorative overhaul. Pick a monochrome pot that complements an item you already love.

Finally, group plant pots and sentimental value items together. This is important as your new plant pot will be a part of your home, so it is right that it fits in well with the rest of your belongings. 

Now you know how to choose the right monochrome pot so it fits in with your home decor. It's time to go shopping.

Last Updated on December 20, 2023

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