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Spade vs Shovel | Which do you need? Australian Buying Guide 2022

While looks might be deceiving a garden spade and garden shovel are not actually the same thing therefore, it is essential to know the difference between spade vs shovel. 

When it comes to must-have garden tools, a good shovel and spade are definitely on the list. Still, while you might have both shovels and spades in your garden shed, it’s not always common knowledge to know which one to use when.

Here’s our guide to help you know the difference, know which tool to use when as well as the best spades and shovels to buy today.


 Best Garden Shovels for 2022

 Best Garden Spades for 2022

Spade vs Shovel - What is the Difference? 

Spades can be said to be used for light cultivation and not necessarily for soil moving.

Source: Amazon

The fundamental difference between the two is that each tool is designed to do something entirely different. Although the terms are often inter-changed as the same, their structure and design are quite noticeable different once you know what to look for. 

Before we look at what makes them different, let’s consider their similarities first. Both shovels and spades are made up of similar parts, which are: 

  • The Handle/ Shaft
  • The Step
  • The Blade

However, when you look closely you’ll notice subtle differences in each. In general, shovels are longer, more angled and come with a curved blade. Whereas, a spade is far shorter and has a flatter, spear-head shaped blade. 

What Does A Spade Look Like?

Garden spades, being sharper, are used for edging, digging trenches or even slicing roots.

Source: Amazon

To understand the difference in appearance, let’s consider the three main parts of a spade. 

The Handle

  • Spades usually have a far shorter, straight handle.
  • At the top, you will have a grip which is in a “D” or “T” shape so as to help you when working with the tool. 

The Step

  • As spades are used for more heavy-duty work, you’ll notice a small ledge at the top of the blade on which you can place your foot. 

The Blade

  • Spades have a flat blade, which is often square shaped at the end. 
  • These blades are usually smaller than those on a shovel.

What is a Garden Spade used For? 

Garden spades, being sharper, are used for edging, digging trenches or even slicing roots. Spades help to loosen and break apart big lumps within the soil. 

In general, spades can be said to be used for light cultivation and not necessarily for soil moving. Spades are often used in flower beds or vegetable gardens and to keep the borders of your beds neat and clean. 

What Does a Shovel Look Like? 

A man using a garden shovel

Source: Amazon

Shovels are a little more heavy duty as opposed to a spade. Again, we’ll consider the three main features: 

The Handle

  • Shovels have a long upward handle that usually sits at an angle to the blade.
  • Some shovels may come with some padding at the top of the handle to help make garden work less strenuous on the hands.

The Step

  • Shovels will have little to no step as the intended work doesn’t need as much downward force. 

The Blade

  • Shovels will have a longer blade that is often bowl-shaped or curved.

What Is a Garden Shovel Used For? 

A garden shovel has the primary purpose of being used for digging, lifting soil and moving loose materials. Due to its bowl-shape it can hold soil or other matter making it easier to move materials. 

While spades may have sharper edges, a garden shovel has blunt edges as it does not need to cut through matter, but rather scoop it. Just make sure you know how to use your shovel safely

Choosing Between Shovel vs Spade

Difference Between A Spade vs Shovel

Source: Amazon

Now that you know which tool you’ll need for which gardening task, it’s time to choose the right shovels and spades. 

The key factor for consideration will be what kind of material you want. Classic shovels and spades are usually made up of a solid steel blade with a wooden handle. However, there are now a wide range of options available on the market. 

When it comes to materials you’ll want to choose between: 

  • Wood. Wood is a classic option as it's strong and quite durable. However, wood does tend to splinter with age.   
  • Steel. Steel is a strong and solid option which is why many gardeners go for it. However, it can become quite heavy quite quickly. 
  • Fiberglass. Fiberglass is always a great option as it’s far more resistant to wear and tear. Fiberglass shovels and spades do tend to be a little more pricey. 
  • Aluminium. Aluminium is the cheapest option on market so it works for those on a budget, but don’t expect it to last too long as aluminium tends to bend. 

5 Best Garden Shovel Reviews

When it comes to choosing a garden shovel, you’ll want to ensure a quality blade and an ergonomic handle to make your gardening a breeze. Here’s our top 5 picks: 

Garden Master 640018 Square Mouth Shovel

Source: Amazon

This shovel is a classic option with a long, hardwood handle and non-slip comfort grip for ideal gardening.

Plus, it comes with a reinforced, 100% tempered blade for maximum efficiency and longevity. 

The Ames Companies, Inc 43106 Union Tools Poly D-Grip Round Point Shovel

Source: Amazon

This is one hardy shovel with an incredibly strong carbon steel blade and re-enforced hardwood handle.

This shovel comes with a strong Poly-D handle which is big enough, even to fit a gloved hand. 

Spear & Jackson 2001AD MYD Steel Round Shovel, Blue

Source: Amazon

This is an amazingly durable option with a blade made from high-strength carbon/ manganese steel.

Plus, it’s epoxy coated for added durability and resistance. This shovel comes with a stream-lined design ideal for garden work. 

Draper 10874 Solid-Forged Round-Mouth T-Handled Shovel with Ash Shaft

Source: Amazon

 If you’re looking for a T-shaped shovel this one is an absolute go-to.

It’s sturdy and practical with a powerful, forged blade to make your gardening an absolute ease. 

Spear & Jackson MICROROUND Round Mouth Fibre Glass Shaft with Micro Shovel, Blue

Source: Amazon

For those looking for something a little more compact, this shovel is an ideal option.

With a tough fiberglass shaft, this handy tool is great for smaller gardens and compact spaces.

Plus, with a pressed carbon steel blade, it packs the same punch as any of its bigger counterparts. 

5 Best Garden Spade Reviews

As with a garden shovel, when it comes to choosing the best garden spade it’s all about finding one with a quality blade and a re-enforced handle. Here’s our top picks: 

SPEAR & JACKSON Garden Spade - Stainless Steel Blade, Ergonomic Shaft & D-Handles SJ-1190EL

Source: Amazon

This is a fantastic spade with a stunning, stainless steel blade and an ergonomic, maximum comfort broad handle.

This spade is ideal for digging and cultivating and has incredible rust resistance. 

STANLEY FATMAX Fiberglass D-Handle Spade Garden

Source: Amazon

This spade is an ideal option for those who are looking for something light yet durable.

With incredible, over-sized handles ideal for all kinds of garden work, this spade is an ideal option for edging and other gardening tasks. 

Draper 83754 Extra Long Stainless Steel Garden Spade with Soft Grip

Source: Amazon

Another amazing stainless steel option, this fantastic garden spade offers a soft grip but an incredibly durable blade and handle.

Hardened, tempered and polished, you can’t go wrong with this spade. 

SPEAR & JACKSON Colours Garden Spade - Green SJ-CDSG

Source: Amazon

Want something with a bit of colour? This is another great option from Spear & Jackson and comes with a carbon steel blade and a soft, angled grip.

IIT 30200 28 Inches Garden Spade with D Fiberglass Handle

Source: Amazon

This is a fantastic fiberglass option and comes in a little more compact than most garden spades.

It has a sharpened blade to help easily loosen soil and has an amazing soft, lightweight handle. 

Wrapping Up Our Spade vs Shovel Guide

Whichever garden spade or garden shovel you choose, always make sure you consider quality over cost. A good shovel or spade can last a  lifetime when taken care of correctly. 

Always be sure to store your shovels and spades indoors, whether in a shed or within your garage. Take care to always wear the right clothing when using these tools.

Consider wearing hard, closed shoes rather than something like flip-flops. To avoid hand strain consider wearing some gardening gloves or choosing a spade or shovel with re-enforced handle. 

There you have it, the next time you're torn between using a garden spade vs shovel, you can easily pick which one is best based on your needs. 

Spade vs Shovel Australian Buying Guide

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  1. I agree with Anne. I have always gotten very confused between spades and shovels and it doesn’t help when some people say spade but they really mean shovel. Thanks for that post.

  2. Oddly enough when I bought my shovel and fork a couple of years ago, for each I was torn between two good sturdy choices. One had a metal and wooden handle, the other a solid plastic handle. In the end I chose the plastic handles because the other was very slightly wobbly, and the shop dude said they make the plastic handles sturdy these days – especially in the good brand I was choosing from (is this blog like the ABC – no brand names mentioned?).

    I’ve had no complaints so far, but I’ve not had them all that long. Time will tell how well the plastic ages, although as a very casual gardener I don’t spend hours out in the sun so hopefully they won’t become UV damaged and crack on me.

  3. I truly hope they are improving the plastics they use because obviously that would make them cheaper, I’ve just never had any luck with them! Hope you do 🙂

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