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DIY irrigation

A garden is often the centerpiece to an individual’s desire to eat healthier and to live a more natural lifestyle. As with most collection of outdoor plants, a garden is filled with green vegetation which is constantly thirsty for water. Without water, plants wilt and die. Overly dry conditions, which restrict a plant’s access to the water it needs, does not spell good news for anyone’s garden. To remedy the problem of getting water to the plants in an arid, dehydrated garden, people have developed all sorts of innovative irrigation methods. The following are a few irrigation methods that are particularly useful for ensuring that plants get the moisture they need. [click to continue…]

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old mow

It’s Spring time and your lawn is waking up from its Winter lull. By now you’ve probably had to start cutting your grass again which means dragging out your lawn mower from the shed, and working up a sweat, but is it the right mower for you?

Is it the right size?
Could this mowing business be a whole lot easier?

Most people think it’s one size fits all when it comes to mowers, but we’re here to set the record straight with the basics in our Mowers 101. Read on to learn about the different types of mowers and which is right for you!

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Essential Tips For Boat Gardening


Although sustainable, green living is dependant on you. It relies on you doing what’s best for the Earth on a micro level in order to affect change. So, you should try to incorporate this way of living into all aspects of your life. And if you are a boat owner and spend a lot of time out sailing, extending your life style to your vessel might be the next step. A boat garden is a great start. Sustainable and eco-friendly garden will provide you with organic and healthy food, and is in perfect harmony with your way of life. [click to continue…]

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You’ve spent hours in your garden getting everything looking perfect. Your flowers are blooming, your fruit and veggies are powering along, and your herbs are jumping out of their pots ready for harvest. Everything is great!
The last thing you want then is for all your hard work to go towards feeding some uninvited guests in your garden, rather than you and your family.
It can be tough and very complicated deciding on the best way forward to control pests in the garden, so read on and we’ll help send you in the right direction. [click to continue…]

Vegetable Gardening for Dummies – A Novice’s Guide

Aussie Green Thumb was recently asked to contribute to the development of a comprehensive guide for vegetable gardening for novice gardeners, put together by the team over at Red Shed.

Above is a sneak peak with a cheat sheet for when to grow what veggies, but to read the full detailed guide head on over to the Red Shed website to see the Vegetable Gardening For Dummies – A Novice’s Guide


How to take a cutting



Spring is here and gardens are beginning to explode with colour and smells all over the place. Don’t feel bad if you’re getting plant envy when you look at your neighbours gardens, it’s understandable, but apart from stealing their plant altogether, what other ways are there to get some of that awesome flower action? Take a cutting! Read on for our quick step by step guide to how to take a cutting.

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5 Ways to Secure Your Shed


Sheds. It’s where the magic happens. Everything from welding to building to science experiments happen in this happy bubble that’s like a man cave…without restrictions.

In recent years, we’ve been investing so much into home security. I’ve learned some good news and bad news. The good news, burglars are having a hard time breaking into homes – which means we’re safer now! The bad news, they’ve discovered how easy it is to break into sheds, which is where power tools and some expensive stuff is stashed away.

Making sure your shed is locked down is an important piece in building the perfect yard for home. So how can you secure your shed? [click to continue…]