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How To Choose Fencing For Your Home


With so many different styles of fencing available these days, in a huge variety of materials, it can be tricky trying to narrow down and then choose the best option for your home. Secure A Fence talks you through a selection of popular fencing types that you may be considering to complement your home. [click to continue…]


Indoor plants are a great addition to any indoor space. Whether it be your office space or your home, adding some indoor plants can dramatically change your space. Keep reading for our Ultimate Guide to Indoor Plants.

So let’s start with the most simple question…Why? [click to continue…]


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Increasing The Longevity Of Your Outdoor Blinds

Increase longevity image

As with any outdoor product such as outdoor tables and chairs, outdoor sofas and even decking, outdoor blinds are at risk of being affected by adverse weather conditions all year, from the harsh summer sun to strong winter winds and periods of heavy rain or storms. Proper care and attention will help to ensure their quality remains intact and their lifespan is extended as much as possible. Being exposed to the elements 24/7 can mean that if your outdoor blinds are not completely secured and cared for, they will not last as long as they could. Follow some simple tips to keep your blinds looking like new for years to come. [click to continue…]


Five Ways To Keep Your Pond Or Lake Aerated

5 ways to keep your pond or lake aerated

If you’re considering building a pond in your garden or a dam on your farm, or if your existing lake or pond is looking decidedly unhealthy, then you need to read on.  It’s about the importance of keeping your water body aerated and it gives a brief overview of some of the ways of doing so.

All ponds and lakes need oxygen to survive and thrive and the natural ecological processes like wind, rain, waves and plant activity generally won’t provide sufficient oxygen to maintain optimum water quality.   Installing an aeration system is often the best – and the only – way to ensure sufficient concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water. [click to continue…]

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While summer may be coming to an end and autumn is just around the corner, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to abandon your thoughts of a colorful, vibrant garden for next year. Now is the time to start planning. However, sometimes planning a garden isn’t simple; sometimes a little more thought is required. This is especially true for homeowners with backyard spaces that include pools, fountains and ponds.

If your outdoor space includes water, there are some special things you should be aware of. Follow the nine tips below for growing a garden in or around water. [click to continue…]

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Minimising algae in your pond

minimise pond algae

Having some algae in your pond or water feature is a good thing – but having pea soup clearly isn’t.  Knowing what causes algal growth and how to minimise it will go a long way towards making the life of a pond owner stress-free.

Remember, like any plant, algae needs food and light in order to photosynthesise and grow and therefore to control it, a number of factors need to be considered. Excess algae is generally more of a problem in new ponds because the ecological balance between plant and animal life hasn’t yet been established and there are no natural predators which would normally keep algal growth under control.

It goes without saying that regular maintenance, monitoring and management of your pond is important for algae control but let’s look at the most common causes of algae problems and what can be done to minimise them. [click to continue…]

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