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Saving Water in Small Spaces


Water is a precious commodity. There are a number of ways in which you can reduce your water consumption and increase the efficiency of the water you use at home. One of the best ways is to install a water tank. Like a lot of people though, you might be thinking you just don’t have enough space for a decent tank, so that is why we have compiled a list of the different space saving water tanks designed to work in small spaces for you.
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All plants need food – a combination of nutrients which are required for proper growth. Some plants need a lot of fertiliser, and sometimes, like the case of most Australian natives, they need very little at all. Generally, plants will get these nutrients from the soil and air around them, but when they can’t, we need to help them out a bit with fertilisers – either natural or synthetic.

But what is fertiliser made up of? What does the information on the pack actually mean?
Read on as we outline some basic characteristics of common fertilisers and the differences between them.
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The reason why we fall in love with gardening is because it allows us to unleash our full creative potential. Just like Hemingway when he sat down in front of the typewriter, you can also create art that takes someone’s breath away when they stumble upon it. Do you want to know how to do it in a way the neighbourhood kids will never forget?

They might be too young to appreciate your fancy flowers and juicy vegetables, but Halloween is around the corner and you can delight them in a different way. Turn your garden into a creepy place the trick-or-treaters will think twice about walking through. You’ll still get to come up with an unlimited amount of creative ideas, but read on for a few ways to get you started.
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All gardeners face the problem of watering their plants. Depending on the region you live and what is in your garden, you could be searching for water every day, or, you could just let nature do its thing with minimum effort. Generally in Australia, it’s a bit of both, and it pays to have a bit of planning for your irrigation needs for those stinking hot summer days.  So read on as we look at some of the most popular ways to water your plants, in order to choose the most appropriate for your garden.

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Gardening is a summertime activity, right? The most fitting weather, the best climate you could imagine. Seriously, growing veggies in summer is definitely a good choice.

Plus, by the time autumn rolls around, when the time for gathering the harvest comes, you could be looking at a pretty good haul!
Sound good? Then read on to find out more about which veggies you should choose and how we should grow them this summer.

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Mulching basics


As gardeners we’re always told to mulch our gardens, but why? Why should we invest so much time and money on mulch? What is the best type of mulch to use, and are all mulches created equal?

Read on as we answer these questions, plus a bunch more as we cover the basics of mulching.
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Every kid has a cubby house or fort of some description growing up, and the ones who don’t go over to their friend’s place to use theirs. Cubbies are part of the culture of the Australian childhood, and for good reason. They’re great for development – physical and mental; they’re a source of constant entertainment and most importantly they’re just great fun. Kids can often be relied upon to create their own fun, but a life in the suburbs with endless electronic distraction can make it a bit difficult to get outside and create an awesome cubby house from scratch. Where would you get the wood? Is there even a hammer in the garage? Probably not.

The good news is that just because the modern world has changed a bit, there’s no reason your kids have to do without the timeless fun of a cubby house. Whether pre-built or a DIY kit, there are ways to get your hands on an awesome cubby house that the kids can put their own mark on.

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