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Expert Tips: Keeping Your Trees Healthy

Note from Jim: some good advice this week on general maintenance for a healthy garden.

If you like the idea of a lush green garden, full of natural wildlife, but do not have the time or the patience to carefully cultivate delicate flowers, then a garden full of trees is a great, low maintenance approach. The relative size of these beasts of a plant mean that once they have established, a tree will, essentially, look after itself.

However, a garden still needs some maintenance, otherwise it just looks messy and some tree care may be needed periodically.

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Note from Jim: This week we are featuring another local Australian company, Secure-A-Fence based in Perth, who are sharing details on safety requirements and other important considerations when installing a pool on your property.  If you have any further questions, leave a comment below and the team at Secure A Fence will get back to you, or contact them directly.

Pool fencing is subject to strict requirements and safety standards around Australia. When building a pool, adhering to the pool fence safety regulations in your state is critical to avoid tragic accidents as well as hefty fines for non-compliance.

Like all Australian states, Western Australia enforces rigorous pool fencing regulations. Secure-A-Fence manufactures a range of tubular pool fencing options that not only meet WA safety standards but exceeds them, ensuring your pool fence is as safe as possible. As a locally owned Perth fencing company, Secure-A-Fence can guide you through everything you need to know about pool fence safety.

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Note from Jim: This week we are featuring Clearshield Screens, an award winning Australian company specialising in security doors and security screens. If you have any further questions on cyclone screens, i.e. installation or safety aspects, leave a comment below and Jamie or George will follow up to answer your questions.

Keep your home safe, even in extreme conditions

There is nothing more important in life than the safety of your family and family home. ClearShield’s impeccable safety standards – and large variety of safety products – will ensure they’re kept safe.

Northern Australia is among the most active cyclonic areas in the world, hit each year with extreme weather events that often cause major destruction to property and threaten the families inside. The strongest wind gust ever recorded on the Australian mainland was 267 kilometres per hour, recorded in 1999 from Cyclone Vance.

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6 reasons Australian gardeners choose Sir Walter Turf

Sir Walter Morning Shot

Note from Jim: in keeping with our recent in depth look into grass types and lawn care tips, today we’ve got Active Turf on to talk through the benefits and details of the Sir Walter Soft turf variety. If you are planning a turf installation, be sure to look back through recent AGT posts as there is a wealth of information on selecting, caring for and installing your lawn that has been shared recently.

If you’re an avid gardener or just someone who wants to improve the look of their lawn, you need to know which type of grass is the most suitable. Different varieties suit different locations, but there is one turf you can rely on almost anywhere in Australia.

Sir Walter Soft Leaf is a resilient and attractive lawn from the Buffalo turf variety that makes a distinct impression for its superior colour and hard-wearing qualities.

Active Turf provides six reasons why Australian gardeners prefer to use Sir Walter Buffalo Turf over other types of grass.

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Why You Need Custom Outdoor Blinds

Folding Arm Awning Picture

Note from Jim: A lot of you have been looking for practical info on building out parts of your gardens into more useable outdoor space, so I’ve invited along Dave from Bozzy Shade Blinds to walk through the advantages of incorporating outdoor blinds into your designs. If you have any questions on this, leave a comment below and Dave or myself will get in touch to answer your questions.
(Make sure you check out my most popular and helpful articles when you get a chance).

Outdoor areas are a valuable addition to any home, but enjoying your outdoor space can be a bit tricky when the weather decides not to cooperate with your plans. While there’s not a lot you can do about changing the weather, there is a lot you can do to save your outdoor areas from the mercy of the elements. Installing custom made outdoor blinds is the simplest solution to not only provide shelter, but also keep your outdoor areas looking great.

Of course, there are other options besides custom made outdoor blinds but with premade blinds, you can never be sure you’re getting products that are precisely suited to your various needs. Custom made outdoor blinds are simply the best choice for every situation and here are just a few reasons why. [click to continue…]


Secrets to growing Australian natives year round


Note from Jim: This week we are focussing back on one of the AGT community’s favourite topics and something that we are passionate about here: growing and nurturing Australian native plants in your backyard (check out my other articles on Australian natives as well).  My thanks to Sitesahade for putting the following tips together for us.  Feature image source: Flickr.com

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful native flora in the world. The rare and unique qualities of the species that only grow in our little pocket of the planet have become highly sought after.

These unusual species of plant life dot our landscape, creating a stunning vista admired by gardening buffs and anyone with an appreciation for the majestic. So how do you foster Australian natives in your own space? And more importantly, how can you help them thrive all year round?

Creating a healthy native garden is easier than it may seem. We’ve compiled a few tips to help grow your natives. [click to continue…]


Can I lay turf in winter?

Can I lay turf in Winter?

Note from Jim: Thanks to High Quality Turf for the following post. Let’s jump straight into it!

The answer is ‘yes, you can’. In Australia, turf can be laid all year around, provided you take some seasonal precautions.

In winter, the key thing to remember is that turf will take longer to establish – around four weeks, compared to about a fortnight in the warmer summer months. But that shouldn’t be a deterrent for anyone wanting to lay new turf. The most important things are good ground preparation and initial maintenance – both are essential to achieving a great lawn. [click to continue…]