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Australians love a good lawn, but overtime they can become worn out and tired. One of the easiest and quickest ways to fix this is by hitting the reset button and re-turfing the whole thing. This might sound drastic and expensive, but it can actually be one of the cheapest solutions to a turf nightmare.

By following this step by step guide, you can save yourself even more money by doing the job yourself. But don’t get caught cutting corners, or you’ll just be back where you started in no time. [click to continue…]


The humble herb is more than just the pot of parsley lost in the corner of your backyard, or the old woody lavender that’s been long forgotten. For many though, this is the extent of their use in home gardens. Herbs can be so much more though! They’re a great way of creating interest in a garden design and can be one of the most rewarding plants to grow. You can grow herbs for food, for flowers, for foliage, as well as for their glorious fragrances, and sometimes for all those reason! So to help you get the most out of herbs in your garden, the first and most important thing you need to consider  is this simple question – What do you want them for?

Here’s a few tips to help you get the most of some common herbs in your home garden.

Herbs for food

These are the herbs you’re growing purely for food. Place herbs you’re going to harvest in an easy to access area, where it won’t matter if they’ve been cut down and harvested and look a bit shabby.

Herbs like basil, mint and chives are obvious choices here and can be for a range of cooking dishes. They really enjoy a good cut back for harvesting and won’t mind too much if you go a bit hard.

Putting them in pots or raised garden beds can make access a breeze, and save you bending your back.


Photo ‘2008 herb crop on the patio’ Thomas Kriese, Flickr.

Herbs for show

You may want some herbs to plant for their flowers or colourful foliage and these should be planted in viewing distance from the high traffic areas of your garden, or from windows and doors so that you get the most out of their beauty. Lining your walkways and paths with clumps of different flowering herbs, and using pockets of colour in amongst your other plants is a great way to create an eye catching feature.

It’s best to use waves, clumps and pockets of plantings, rather than straight lines. These are easier to maintain, and add a sense of unstructured order to gardens. Echinacea, nasturtiums, lavender, society garlic, and salvia are herbs with some amazing showy flowers.

If it is structure and order you’re after, you can achieve the famous french parterre style garden design by using more sturdy herbs like rosemary, bay or wormwood and turning them into formal hedges.

* Echinacea

Photo ‘Echinacea’ by velodenz, Flickr.

Herbs for smells

Placing herbs with strong and lovely fragrances in beds, planters or hanging baskets in front of windows or upwind from entrances and doorways is the best way to go to ensure these aromas don’t go to waste.

Lemongrass, rosemary, and oregano can fill a breeze with some amazing smells.

Planting some tough ground covering herbs like chamoile and thyme in walkways can be another great way to get some extra scents floating about. Each step will lightly crush some leaves and release their aromatic oils.








Photo: Thyme

By keeping your desired purpose in mind when you’re next planting up some herbs in your garden you can get the most of your hard work and make some herbs a real feature in your home garden.



Winter is over and Spring is upon us! Those cold morning frosts and barren yards have been replaced by spectacular blossoms, trees with leaves, and all the wonderful smells of spring.

But don’t get too comfortable just yet, our harsh Aussie summer is just around the corner, and now is the time to wrestle back control of your garden from the icy grip of winter. Here are 5 important things you should be doing right now to get your garden ready for the Summer. [click to continue…]

Healthy garden soil

Healthy soil is vital for growing healthy plants.  This may sound obvious, but there are many factors that go into determining the health of your soil. While some soil problems may be easily detectable, like the consistency and texture of your soil, it will take some basic testing to measure and analyze the nutrient levels of your soil. If you’re willing to put forth a little effort in fiing those pesky soil problems, you’ll still have the ability to grow and manage a healthy and beautiful garden. [click to continue…]


A little while ago I got the chance to sit down and have a chat with Stephen Clark who is the Product Manager for GARDENA Australia.

Here at Aussie Green Thumb we have long been fans of the GARDENA product range, having previously reviewed the smart flow water meter which helps you track how much water you are using in your garden (hint: it’s great).

GARDENA is a well established brand originating in Germany with a reputation for high quality, durable products that will stand the test of time. I was excited to be able to gain a bit of an insight into the GARDENA research and production process and Stephen was really forthcoming with tips and ideas for working smarter in the garden.

So let’s get into it! [click to continue…]


Looking to grow some veggies in your garden? You don’t need years of experience (or any experience for that matter!) to put fresh, homegrown food on the table. Here are some of the easiest vegetables to grow in your backyard:

Leafy Greens


Growing lettuce and other leafy greens is as simple as it gets. The seeds are uncomplicated little survivors – they can even make it through a light frost. They don’t need a ton of sun, either. [click to continue…]


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