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We’ve all heard about it, and some of us have seen it. The cliched lazy tradesman or council worker, ‘bludging’ their way through a days work, only to still come to you and ask for our hard earned money as payment at the end of the job. What a pain, right? These guys are getting paid to do work, but are instead sitting around on their backsides…it’s enough to make you angry enough to write a strongly worded letter!
But is it all true? Sometimes yes. It’s hard to argue with someone sleeping on the job, or sitting in a cafe for 2 hours. But I’m here as a real life tradie to dispel some of the fiction and stick up for those of us out there who are genuinely not trying to rip you off.

Hard to argue with someone sleeping on the job...(White Van Man / James MacDonald)

Hard to argue with someone sleeping on the job…(White Van Man / James MacDonald)

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Microlaena stipoidesis another great lawn alternative

Note from Clint. Dom is an old work mate of mine, and is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve met when it comes to urban greening and bushland rehabilitation. He’s got more qualifications than you can poke a stick at, and has even been published in peer reviewed literature (which you can read here). So when he offered to write up a piece on urban greening around the home, I jumped at the chance to get his views. Read on as he shares a great little urban greening project he ran at his home in Melbourne. 

By Dominic Bowd.
Urban environments are characterised by hard surfaces – concrete, bitumen, steel and glass. Hard surfaces are often resource intensive to construct, increase surface run-off into creeks, rivers, and the ocean, and contribute to localised warming, known as the urban heat island effect. In recent years, many local councils have been investing in infrastructure designed to reduce hard surfaces. This includes green walls, green roofs, urban tree planting, community gardens and natural drainage systems aka bioswales. Whilst council initiatives are clearly integral to reducing hard surfaces in urban areas, home owners can also do their bit, just like my ‘at home bioswale project’.

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Note from Clint; We’ve got plenty of tips and tricks for how to grow your own at home, but for now our friends at Sunshower Online want to share some of their own go to’s for your home garden with some recycling tips and snazzy videos as well…check it out below!

Sometimes, do you look at your grocery bill at the end of each week and think about how you could save more money? You aren’t alone. The average Australian household will spend between $100-200 a week on food shopping alone. The worst thing is if you want to eat healthier, it will cost you a lot more. There are ways you can save on your food bill each week by growing your own fruit and vegetable garden. The bigger your backyard, the more you can grow and save. You might even produce an excess amount that you can give away or sell to others in your neighbourhood. Irrigation suppliers Sunshower Online recommend the following fruits and vegetables that you can grow effortlessly in your home.

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5 Best Winter Time Vegetables4

Winter is here, but the truth is the need for a solid and proper diet is always there if you want to maintain your health. Sure, vitamins can be found in supplements and store bought vitamins, but the natural sources of these would be a better way to start the day, instead of cramming our faces with pills as we wake up.
Read on as we point out some useful plants and vegetables that would make for a good solution to your winter diet needs. Whether you want to grow them at home or if you don’t want to mar you landscaping, we’ve got some great tips for you. [click to continue…]

2014-11-04 12.40.19

Here at Aussie green thumb we’re always trying to help you get the most out of your garden. We want you to have the best possible backyard you can, really!

One of the most fundamental ways you can get the most out of your backyard garden is to have a sensible and effective garden design. You don’t need to be a qualified landscape architect, but knowing some basics will definitely set you on the right path. Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing a design series taking you through the basics of garden design all with the intention to make your outdoors area that much better.  Be sure to also check out our 5 Backyard Landscaping Secrets as well as our 7 Rookie Landscaping Mistakes for some more tips

This is our final instalment for the design series, where we’ll cover some tricky concepts – Line, repetition, and continuity. Click here if you missed part two.
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Note from Jim: We’ve recently published an in depth garden design series put together by our resident expert Clint. This week, Revell Landscaping are sharing their thoughts on some common landscaping pitfalls and how to avoid them. Take it away! 

High quality landscaping is the type of thing that it’s certainly not impossible to create alone, but it is pretty tough. The larger the garden, the trickier the task. This is why Revell Landscaping is keen to help homeowners put their yards in order this winter. Whether you need some advice on how to fix blunders left by a previous occupant or you’re looking to repair some embarrassing mistakes of your own, the experts are ready to provide support. [click to continue…]


Here at Aussie Green Thumb, we try to give you our best tips so you get the best out of your garden, and you and your family can enjoy your own little patch of paradise just the way you want it. To do this, we like to give you guys a heads up on trends and ideas that we as professionals pick up along the way.

Now you may not have heard of the chemical Glyphosate before, but I almost guarantee you’ve heard of the brand names it goes by…Roundup, Zero, Eraze…starting to ring any bells?

So this stuff is AMAZING at killing weeds in your garden, so much so that it is by far, the worlds most popular pesticide. It is such an incredibly effective broad spectrum herbicide that it will kill almost any plant it touches, and can help you wrestle back control of an unruly backyard. But, it’s also a chemical and has a host of problems associated with it including big time problems like pesticide resistance and health concerns. So as a home gardener, do you really have to use it? Is there any real alternatives that are easy to get your hands on, and easy to use? Luckily, Yes! Read on for a few tips and tricks to help you use less glyphosate in your home.

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