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Best Reticulation Services in Perth

When it comes to reticulation, Perth is one of the biggest markets in Australia, so how do you find the best reticulation company in Perth to repair sprinklers and reticulation systems when you really need them?

We’re going to try to guide you through the best reticulation systems, and some of the major red flags to look out for when choosing a new reticulation company, because it’s important to know you’re getting the most reliable repairs, especially if you’re looking for sprinkler repair contracts for domestic reticulation.


What is a Reticulation System?

What is a Reticulation System

There are two types of reticulation systems for gardens in Perth that are commonly installed and repaired by a handful or companies, and while you can install your own it’s incredibly time consuming to repair domestic reticulation systems yourself.

Basic lawn reticulation systems are designed to pop up and evenly spray water at specific sections of lawn, and save water by properly targeting your sprinkler systems at the right areas.

Ground irrigation is done with similar underground reticulated systems that target water downwards at the base of hedges and particular thirsty plants. By automating watering with quality reticulation you’ll not only best the hot Perth sunshine, but save water doing it.

In hot summers it’s almost impossible to keep a lawn looking lush and green without proper reticulation, so in the rest of this article we’ll talk through exactly what to look for in reticulation companies, and what Perth reticulation companies are offering new customers.

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Choosing a Reticulation Company

Reticulation Service Companies Should Offer in Perth

What to look for in a Reticulation Company

All the best reticulation companies offer installation and servicing for lawn reticulation, and root reticulation to ensure well-irrigated lawns and gardens all year round.

Old fashioned irrigation systems are easier to repair, and you can find budget reticulation repair services in Perth that offer simple reticulation repair, but can’t help with pop-up reticulation systems.

Simply put, if they can’t repair pop-up systems or remote systems, you need to look for expert reticulation specialists who can help improve your system and bring it up to date.

You also need a fast reticulation company that can offer repairs at short notice, so even if you’ve got the budget, go for a bigger trusted company that has enough staff to get to you in an emergency.

Common Water Reticulation Problems

Any reticulation system needs proper maintenance, but it’s easy to forget, and put it off. If a problem occurs, you need a professional reticulation technician who can do more than just basic reticulation repairs.

Some of the most common reticulation problems below should hopefully help you understand the sort of repair you need:

Broken Sprinkler

There are a few common sprinkler problems that you can fix yourself, but some need a reticulation specialist. Below we’ve outlined some of the most common irrigation issues that can happen with your sprinkler heads.

  • Clogged Sprinkler Heads Clogged sprinkler heads are easy to fix yourself, and you should always check before calling a reticulation repair company.

    You can be charged a call out fee just to check for a problem, but the best Perth reticulation companies will usually let you know if it’s a simple problem before they charge you.

    To fix a clogged sprinkler head, just remove the head and clear out any obvious blockages that are affecting the flow or spray patterns. If the problem persists then you’ll need to contact a reticulation company near you.

  • Pop-up Failure If your sprinkler heads are failing to pop up, check all the sprinkler points for any obstructions that could be causing them to fail. If there are no obstructions, make sure the timers are working properly.

    If the problem continues, again, you’ll need to call a reticulation repair company to check for any serious problems with the system.

  • Dripper Issue Drippers are most commonly clogged by foreign objects, and don’t usually require a reticulation call out, so to avoid spending money for no reason, check around the system and remove any debris from the drip heads.
Reticulation Perth

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves are simple mechanisms that control the flow of water to the rest of the reticulation system. They are also called reticulation coils or sprinkler diaphragms. 

While solenoid valves can usually be repaired easily, they are the most common problem for reticulation systems. Make sure that a sprinkler system installer provides proper access to the valve so you can manually check for obstructions before calling out for a repair or service.

Poor Water Pressure

If you have poor water pressure in your home, you’ll have poor water pressure in your reticulation system too. There’s nothing any reticulation repair specialist can do to help with that other than installing compression systems, which are expensive to install and expensive to run. 

The best option to fix poor pressure is to install more sprinkler heads closer together, so they can water the entire lawn. Otherwise, more distanced sprinklers will miss huge sections of lawn.

If you have otherwise good pressure in your home, or from the hose, then there is potentially a leak along the retic pipes. This needs a full inspection which can be done by yourself, or by a specialist.

The choice is down to time. But you will probably need to find a good reticulation company to fix it in the long term.

Irrigation system runs at the wrong time or sprinkler controller stops responding

If there are issues with the controller, tap timer, or the automated valves, try resetting the system (if it’s a smart system it can go out of sync if it loses connection for prolonged periods of time). 

If resetting the system doesn’t help, there could be a problem with wiring, which can corrode over time. The best option is to get a professional to assess the old wiring and check if it’s still safe to use.

Luckily wiring is cheap to install and the best reticulation companies will only charge you for time in these situations.

Best Reticulation Companies in Perth

Best Reticulation Companies in Perth

Bunnings reticulation is a simple way to get started with some basic garden irrigation, especially in Perth where you can’t wait for new sprinkler installations, but installing a water reticulation system is hard work and time consuming.

So, if you don’t fancy spending all weekend digging up your paths, and laying meters and meters of piping, just to find out later that you’ve made a mistake, then choose a specialist that can help below.

Brighton Reticulation 

Reticulation Perth FAQs

How much does it cost to fix reticulation in Australia?

There is no standard fee for reticulation repair services in Perth, but because it is a specialist trader, prices usually range from between $60-$140 per hour.

Materials are charged as extra for installation, but the best retic servicers will only charge time for repairs.

What is a water reticulation system?

Water reticulation systems are underground pipe systems that feed water to sprinklers around the garden. They are the best choice for dry parts of the country where lawns in particular can suffer from drought in summer.

The best reticulation systems are fully hidden from view and are a discrete way to irrigate your garden.

Wrapping Up Our Reticulation Guide

We’re always looking for new reticulation companies to work with in Perth, who can provide the best possible service for us and our gardening readers, and I hope this guide gives you a good idea of how to find the best reticulation Perth has to offer – or at least to start looking for the best repair services to your sprinkler systems.

Best Reticulation Services in Perth

Last Updated on October 25, 2023

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