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6 reasons Australian Gardeners Choose Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Note from Jim: in keeping with our recent in depth look into grass types and lawn care tips, today we've got Active Turf on to talk through the benefits and details of the Sir Walter buffalo turf variety. 

If you are planning a turf installation, be sure to look back through recent AGT posts as there is a wealth of information on selecting, caring for and installing your lawn that has been shared recently.


6 Reasons to Go For Sir Walter Buffalo Turf 

If you’re an avid gardener or just someone who wants to improve the look of their lawn, you need to know which type of grass is the most suitable. Different varieties suit different locations, but there is one turf you can rely on almost anywhere in Australia.

Sir Walter Soft Leaf is a resilient and attractive lawn from the Buffalo turf variety that makes a distinct impression for its superior colour and hard-wearing qualities.

Active Turf provides six reasons why Australian gardeners prefer to use Sir Walter Buffalo Turf over other types of grass.

Sir Walter Morning Shot

1. Popular nationally 

Produced to thrive anywhere in Australia’s diverse climate, Sir Walter Soft Leaf grows as successfully in full sun as it does in shade and survives extreme conditions such as during heatwave, drought or frost.

The roots of Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo grow deeply into the subsoil to find moisture. This sturdy habit contributes to long-term lawn health and durability and the lawn’s ability to significantly cool the area around your home by several degrees in summer.

Here is our guide on how to lay turf

2. Year round easy-care and good looks

Sir Walter is popular for its low-maintenance. It requires mowing less often than other turf varieties and is resistant to humidity, fungus and pests.

Wherever you live in Australia, your Sir Walter Soft Leaf lawn will look healthy and attractive year-round with minimal maintenance, because it retains its colour better than other buffalo varieties through winter and recovers from climate extremes.

3. Repels weeds and bindii 

You can enjoy your Active Turf Sir Walter Buffalo lawn in bare feet in summer.

If you want a lawn without nasty prickles, this is the right choice. Its tight growth habit prevents the bindii and other weeds from germinating. This means less maintenance for you when preparing your lawn for the warmer months.


4. Won’t catch or spread disease

Sir Walter turf has been developed with immunity to insect infestation and fungal viruses, which makes it less dependent on chemicals. Your surrounding landscaping will avoid infestation from Sir Walter grass as they have a lower risk of becoming infected.

Having less reliance on fertiliser means Sir Walter Buffalo turf is more environmentally-friendly than other grasses, saving you money and time.

5. Prevents allergies

Sir Walter Buffalo lawn is the ideal turf for surviving extreme seasonal changes. It grows a comfortable surface that provides a good area for pets and children. If you’re allergy prone, it’ll be a relief to hear that this grass produces little to no allergens and significantly reduces your chances of developing hay fever or a cold.

6. Self-repairing 

This tough turf will survive wear and tear from animals and any other damaging elements. Sir Walter Buffalo recovers quickly, which means any unsightly bare or worn patches are quickly grown over, leaving an even surface without need for your intervention. This allows you to maintain a clean and attractive lawn that you can enjoy.

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Plan your new landscape with Sir Walter Buffalo 

Active Turf supplies top quality Sir Walter Buffalo turf that is guaranteed to last when you want a spotless looking lawn. It is perfectly suited to Australia’s climate and naturally resistant to infestation by insects or weeds. This turf gives a luscious finishing touch to any backyard or other green space.

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