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Monthly Gardening Tips – December

Monthly Gardening TipsDecember is here which marks the start of Summer in Australia. What this month in the garden looks like really depends on how well you have prepared for summer. If you have mulched your garden, fertilised it, taken the steps I recommended throughout Spring then Summer shouldn’t really be too bad. However, if your soil is bare, you haven’t given it a dose of wetta soil or fertiliser then you still have a bit of work to do!
During summer you need to make sure that your plants are well watered. As I have said again, and again, and again, mulch helps to hold moisture so if your garden is well mulched then you can, most likely, get away with watering once every day or three. Vegetable gardens need a little more frequent watering. I’m watering mine once a day and twice if the temperature hits 35+. I personally like to water early in the morning (before 9am), especially for garden beds that don’t have the morning sun however watering at night is more than fine.
Some of your plants may wilt a bit more in summer than they do other months. If you have garden beds that either cop full sun or the afternoon sun, perhaps consider adding some shade in the form of shade sails or shade cloth.
During summer it is very important that you look after your grass. I know where I live the water restrictions are tough. It is imperative that you have applied wetta soil to your grass OR have aerated it with a fork. It is also important that when you mow during summer, you raise the blades a little higher than normal. Longer grass helps protect the root system, keeping it cooler, which helps it to survive and stay as green as possible.
During summer it is a good idea to give your plants at the very least a monthly feed with a good fertiliser. All purpose fertilisers are fine but if there is a specialist fertiliser, like rose or native fertiliser, use that. It wouldn’t hurt to be fortnightly or even weekly, as long as the fertiliser you choose doesn’t say otherwise.
Keep an eye on your flowering plants. Summer is a regular flowering season for many plants. Once they have finished flowering, give them a light trim either early in the morning or very late in the afternoon or evening. Afternoon or evening is preferred because this gives your plants a night to get used to their new shape.
If you have prepared your garden well, it should handle summer and provide you with a great backdrop for all the summer BBQ’s you are going to host. Just keep an eye on everything when watering/walking through the garden. If you notice plants struggling, either increase watering, add mulch where it isn’t sufficient, or add some form of shade. Established plants should cope quite well, but younger plants might need a little extra tender loving care.

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