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Boronia Megastigma | Growing + Care Guide Australia

This month I’ll be featuring one of the most popular Australian Native plants there is, the Boronia. The first variety that I am going to feature is called Boronia megastigma.


Boronia Megastigma Features

Genus: Boronia
Species: megastigma
Common Name: Brown Boronia, Sweet-Scented Boronia, and Scented Boronia
Flower Colour: Yellow and Brown
Foliage Colour: Green
Growth Habit: Shrub to 1m
Flowering: Spring

boronia megastigma

Photo: Russell Dahms on Flickr

Boronia Megatisgma Sub Species

The Boronia megastigma Harlequin has flowers with only a browny red tinge on an otherwise yellow flower.

the Boronia megastigma Chandleri is red deep red on the outside and yellow on the inside.

Boronia megastigma Lutea is entirely yellow.

boronia megastigma are commonly used in the cut flower trade and so are quite highly sought after


Boronia’s are commonly used in the cut flower trade and so are quite highly sought after. They are also very aromatic, which means they have a wonderful perfume. Another use for the megastigma is as a source for essential oils to make perfumes and other things which smell like Boronia.

The Boronia megastigma is a relatively small growing variety, growing into a bush of about 1m x 1m. Boronia’s can be a fickle plant, including the megastigma and really are only suited to temperate or cool climates, with an emphasis towards the cooler climate. Grow Boronia megastigma in a well draining soil in a sunny to part shade location.

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