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Best Electric Pole Saws 2021 | Australian Buying Guide

As we all know, an electric pole saw is an excellent tool for cutting and pruning tree branches. We often need to cut and trim tree limbs to clean our home yard and garden.

A pole saw is the most ideal tool for that job. Pole saws have some varieties in terms of power source. So you need to have a proper knowledge on different types of pole saw to select the right tool for your needs.


Pole saw can be operated manually or by automatic power. There are three power sources of pole saw. There are gas pole saw, electric pole saw and cordless (battery) pole saw.

Here, we are going to talk about electric pole saws. An electric pole saw can be a very handy tool for homeowners. You can do the entire tree trimming near in your yard with an electric pole saw. 

An electric pole saw can do so much work for you which you cannot achieve with the best manual pole saws.

What is an Electric Pole Saw & Why it is Useful?

Well, an electric pole saw is a pole saw that operates with electrical power by a cord from a power outlet.

An electric pole saw can make your tree branch cutting job very easy and simple

It is almost an unbeatable tool when you need to cut small tree branches around in your home or workshop. It can do the job very fast and smoothly without much effort.

What is an Electric Pole Saw

Buying Guide of an Electric Pole Saw

You need to consider some facts before buying an electric pole saw.

Motor Capacity

The first thing you should look in an electric pole saw is power. Because power is the only way to determine the capacity of the tool. And an electric pole saw should be powerful enough to cut thick tree branches.

To understand the power of an electric pole saw, you need to look at the motor capacity. The more capacity the motor has, the more power you will get from the tool.

Working Reach 

This is one of the most important features of a pole saw. The manufacturers often calculate the reach by the length of the pole and blade plush the arm length.

As arm length varies from person to person, actually you do not get to know the precise length. But you get an estimated calculation. Usually, a pole saw comes from 10 to 12 meter reaching distance. Some pole saw comes with even more working height.

The more working height means, you will get more reach. But it has a negative side also. Long pole makes the pole saw heavy and difficult to operate. So, it should be at a balanced working height.


You should deeply focus on weight while buying a pole saw. As, you need to hold the pole saw with the hands to work with. If the pole saw is too heavy for you, you will not be able to work for a long time with it.

Because you will feel fatigue and won't be able to control the pole saw properly. Also, working with a heavy pole saw can be dangerous for you. Because you may lose control of it and can cause an unwanted accident.

Manual pole saw is the lightest version of pole saw as it does not have any automated power source. Also, the gas pole saw is much heavier than the electric and cordless pole saw.

Cutting capacity

Cutting capacity largely depends on the cutting bar length of the pole saw. The maximum diameter of branch that a pole saw can cut depends on the diameter of the cutting bar.

Usually the diameter of the cutting bar stays between six to twelve inch.

The larger the bar length is, the thicker the branch it can cut. There is an unofficial rule about the bar length. 

The bar length should be two inch longer than the branch that is cutting. So you should look for a longer bar length to cut thicker branches.


You should not ignore the warranty factor at the time of buying a pole saw. It is critically important to look at the warranty of the tool. If the tool has any manufacturing damage or unwanted fracture, you will get the best repair without any money.

Customers Review 

Verified consumers review can be great to judge an electric pole saw. You will find a lot of reviews on Amazon of electric pole saws. So you can have an idea about the product quality and performance based on the reviews of verified customers. 

Top 5 Best Electric Pole Saw Review

Bosch Cordless Telescopic Chainsaw Universal Chain Pole 18

Source: Amazon

This Bosch cordless telescopic pole saw is a great tool for its lightweight and well balanced design with extreme pruning capacity.

It can trim thick tree branches with less effort and energy compared to other electric pole saws.

As we all know Bosch is a well known brand for producing high quality products, this tool is no exception either.  

It is easy to handle and very ideal for heavy duty.

Green works 8.5' 40V Cordless Pole Saw, Battery Not Included 20302

Source: Amazon

Green works 20302 is one of the most popular electric pole saws. The pole can be extended up to 8 feet which is a good enough reach for high branches.

Also, this pole saw has an automatic oiler and chain tensioning system. The robust 8-inch bar and chain gives a smooth and clean cut.

It is a highly recommended pole saw by most of the experts. Also, it comes with a much cheaper price compared to other pole saws which is a great thing.

WEN 40421 40V Max Lithium Ion Cordless Pole Saw

Source: Amazon

Wen 40421 cordless pole saw is one of the most advanced pole saw in the market.

It has all the recent advanced technology for delivering best performance.

This is an extendable pole saw that you can extern from 7.1 to 10 feet to reach high enough for cutting difficult branches.

It has a lightweight highly durable motor and does not need much maintenance. One of the coolest features is you can move the head up to 30 degrees to any direction.

KULLER lightweight Corded Electric Pole Chainsaw

Source: Amazon

This kuller corded electric pole saw has a telescopic pole that you can extend from 180 cm to 250 cm.

Also, the Powerful 710 watt electric motor gives the ultimate cutting performance. The pole is designed with fiberglass for durability and lightweight. 

More importantly it has a large oil preserver for the auto chain oiling system. This is a handy tool and trust me it won’t disappoint you at all.

Electric Pole Saw Operating Safety Tips

Electric Pole Saw Operating Safety Tips

While operating an electric pole saw, you need to focus on some of the safety issues. It is really important to avoid any unwanted accident and also to do the job efficiently and effectively.

1. Safety Gears

Always wear the safety gears before start working with an electric pole saw or any kind of pole saw. Wear eye protectors, gloves, helmet and shoes etc. before you start working. 

Cutting the high tree branches is a risky job so you should be prepared well with your protective gears. Tree branches can fall accidently near you or on you. A helmet is a required safety gear for cutting tree branches.

A small piece of tree can come out and contact your eyes and that can be very deadly. So it is a must to wear goggles before you start working.

2. Power Connection

You only should connect the power plug with the power outlet when you are going to start working. Make sure the plug is connected perfectly with the outlet. 

Because a loose plug can cause fatal accidents and can make huge damage to you and the tool. Also, remove the power plug instantly when you have finished the work.

Because it can start accidentally and can cut anything that comes in the way. Also, do not touch the plug with a wet hand when it is connected with the power outlet.

3. Keep Minimum Distance

Always keep minimum safety distance with the tree branch that you are cutting. Do not stand under the brunch that you are cutting.

And make sure that you are not standing in the path of the falling branch. Stand on the opposite side of the path of the falling branch.

4. Holding Position

Always hold the pole saw with a strong grip. Never lose your grip on the process of cutting a branch. As you start the pole saw, it makes a vibration when cutting a branch. 

So you need to hold it with a strong grip. Also, do not hold the pole saw straight over your head and do not cut a branch from straight over your head direction.

Limitation of an Electric Pole Saw

Though an electric pole saw is one of the handiest tools to have in the garden, it has some limitations as well as a power tool. An electric pole saw needs a power outlet to operate.

So you always need to stay close to a power outlet for the power supply. That is why you cannot work in a forest or a remote place where there is no power outlet.

So you need to work near your home or a workshop. That is the biggest limitation of an electric pole saw. More importantly, an electric pole saw is not as powerful as a gas powered pole saw.

You cannot cut as thick as a gas powered pole saw can cut. Also, a gas powered pole saw is faster and ideal for heavy use than an electric pole saw.

Electric Pole Saw | Buying Guide Summary

Though electric pole saw has some limitations in its work, still it is a great gardening tool to have in your collection. You can do a whole lot of things with an electric pole saw.

But if you need a very long reach and do not want an automated pole saw, you can consider a manual pole saw. And if you need more power and accuracy than an electric pole saw plus need to work in remote places, a gas powered pole saw will be a better option for you.

But if you only need to work around the home and want a powered pole saw to cut small tree branches, you surely can go for an electric pole saw.

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