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Plant of the Month

Ever since I began AussieGreenThumb.com I have been focusing on encouraging people to go native and I have done this by featuring a particular genus of Australian native plant each month, usually focusing on 4 species from within that genus. Since January 2010, when I started running this website, the number of plants I have featured has added up. Not a month goes by where I am not asked by someone if they could get a copy of all the plants I have featured in one easy to download place. Well, the answer is now yes.

If you want a better garden, you will find plenty of Australian native plants to choose from in my ‘Plant of the Month: A Compilation’ ebook. Within it there are roughly 15 different plants with roughly 40+ different species of choice. How could you not find something there that you could use to grow a better garden?

As I am located in Perth, Western Australia there is a higher percentage of plants endemic to a temperate climate however there is definitely a large number of plants to choose from for anyone from any climate in Australia.

To download my Plant of the Month: A Compilation ebook, simply left click the below link to view it in your browser (may take a while to load) or right click and then click ‘save link as’ to download it. Here’s to your gardening success in growing a better garden.

better garden plant of the month compilation

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